I am a collector. I have been collecting things all my life. Strange collections. Bizarre collections. Sometimes I wasn’t even aware of collecting it until I had started a new collection. I think it is strange myself. I don’t want to be a stupid collector. But I am.


I was walking out of our supermarket and there were some kids begging for “superheroes”, Plastic puppets that look hideously indeed. Still the kids want them like they were lumps of gold. And I understand that drive, I really do. When I was a kid we were collecting different things of course. My grandfather that lived in Ede, a town in the Netherlands, but far, far away from us (I was 15 when my father first owned a car, until then we would travel by public transportation of biking). And my grandfather smoked cigars. A lot of them, by the way. Those really big ones. And on the big ones there were these huge cigar bands. The prettiest were Elisabeth Bas.

They were as special to me as those superheroes today. Little did I know Elisabeth Bas (1571 – 1649) was the wife of Jochem Hendrickszoon Swartenhont. I did not know Swartenhont was a captain in the navy of the Dutch Republic and a military hero. Nor did I know the cigar factory stopped in Boxtel, Netherlands at the end of the sixties in the last century. The only thing I knew they were big and had the picture of Ferdinand Bol on it (I never got them from my grandfather, he always picked out the pretty ones and said: : no those are for you nephew, you can choose from the rest. The rest were ordinary cigar bands I had collected already). I don’t have them anymore of course, but I still remember how glad I was to finally obtained a Elisabeth Bas.

Elisabeth Bas cigar band


Also, as to reading is concerned, I am a collector of books. I collect books from the same series (read one, read them all) or I collect all books from one author. If someone has written one book I did like, I must read more of him or her, because I must like the others as well? It is a kind of collecting as well. Collecting words. If that is not a poetic thought, my name is Diego Maradonna. I read a lot of different books, about music, poetry, fantasy novels and porn written for a female audience. It mirrors my interests I think, there are a lot of things I’d like to know more about. As for the porn bit: It is like my own sexual preference. It is nobodies business but my own. 

Not the john

I’m faithful to my authors, I think. If they haven written a book I don’t like so much, big deal, the next one I’m sure I will love again. But there are limits of course. For example I have read “The Order of Solace”. Four wonderful books, really breathtaking good books (Such a pretty and powerful word Solace, don’t you think?). And after that I tried to read other books like Broken and Stranger an Deeper. And after Deeper I quit. Only if there is a new one in the series The Order of Solace (fat chance) , that one I will buy. But none of the others anymore. So apparently there are limits to my fidelity (or collecting mania).
But overall my author and me, we can take a punch.



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