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I always thought I had no fetishes at all. But it is not true. I do. It is called Hair. Not ugly men’s hair, but women’s hair. I like all kind of colours. Blond, Brown, Grey, Black. I love it all. Long an thick. Short and sporty. I love it all. Braided and loose. I love it all. But red, red now that is my fantasy color. At work there is this woman with thick red hair over her shoulders. And I am so glad she doesn’t work in my building. If she worked in my office I would never ever have any work done and just gawk at her hair all day long. I would be fired for touching her hair. I sure I couldn’t resist touching.

And I don’t know why redheads. I mean, it’s not like: Oh, you have mouse brown hair, I won’t talk to you. I always want to know more, so I asked scientists.


In the late 1990s, scientists discovered that gene mutation causes red headedness. Specifically, it’s a variant of the melanocortin 1 receptor (MC1R), one of the key proteins that determines hair and skin color. The mutated gene is recessive, so in order for someone to have red hair, she has to inherit two copies of the gene, one from each parent. Lots of people, especially those with Northern European ancestry, carry one copy of MC1R, but relatively few carry the two copies required for flaming tresses. Red hair can occur in any ethnicity, but the greatest concentration of redheads originates in Northern Europe, near the U.K. Scotland has the highest percentage of natural redheads, with 13 percent and Ireland is a close second, with 10 percent. Only about 2 percent of people in the United States have naturally red hair.

If red hair is so rare, why does it occur so often in the same geographic area? Some biologists think that it’s an evolutionary adaptation. In cold and dark climates, fair coloring lets the skin absorb more light, which encourages the body to retain heat and produce more vitamin D. Also, for most of human history, people didn’t stray very far from the place where they were born and intermarried with people with similar genetic traits. When there were plenty of people carrying the gene, their children were very likely to get two copies of the mutated MC1R. Now that people migrate more, carriers of MC1R are more likely to intermarry with non-carriers. That’s good for genetic diversity, but maybe not so good for the survival of redheads in general.

Redhair and pain 

The mutated MC1R gene has some other surprising effects. Although doctors and medical practitioners have long speculated that redheads were harder to sedate, a recent study from the University of Louisville determined that redheads really do require more anesthesia during surgery.

The researchers ran an experiment where they put women under sedation, and then tested their response to pain. The redheaded patients required 20 to 30 percent more anesthetic than other women to achieve the same level of sedation. Scientists at the university also tried to replicate the experiment with mice, and found that animals with a MC1R mutation required more sedation, too. They theorize that the mutated gene somehow has implications beyond hair color, and perhaps affects hormones or enzymes involved in our neurological system.

Redhair and beauty

Actress Jessica Chastain

I don’t mind spending a few minutes looking at miss Chastain’s hair. When my wife and I were still in the writing-love-letters of our relationship to be, I could spend the whole evening with her on the floor and me behind her on the couch just to envelop (is that the right word?) her hair. I couldn’t get enough of it.

I don’t know if I’m proud of my fetish. At least I came out of that closet 🙂
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7 thoughts on “H = Hair

  1. What a nice blogspot, Han . Thank you for it.

    Yes, it is true that redheads are treated in a special way at the anesthesia and the pain relief.
    I work with children and we think about it too.

    And I can only agree that there are quite many männskor with red color in my surroundings … lol …

    Mona Lisa


  2. I was surprised to learn that the proportion of redheads was higher in Scotland.
    In some of the towns here, we have “gingerfests” – feting the fast disappearing redheads. Perhaps you should go to one?
    Well researched and very informative post, as always.


  3. It's interesting in relation to the subject of the challenge, spanking, if the redheads among us have a higher pain threshold. I should move I think to your surroundings. The only thing that is stopping me is Red at work…

    Thanks for stopping by, Mona Lisa


  4. I wish you wouldn't have mentioned gingerfests. Now I cannot think of anything else, Tara!

    Thanks for reading taking time to comment. I see I comments everywhere. I think that is wonderful. It's like sending a postcard to all your friends everyday.


  5. I enjoyed your post very much!

    In the US right now. Red is the new blonde–it's the hot fashion. A lot of celebrities are going red, and red-heads are appearing more often in books. They've always been disproportionately represented in romance novels (there are WAY more red-haired heroines than exist in the population), but in the action adventure books my husband reads, red-heads are gaining on the blondes.


  6. I confess I am a bit of trendsetter at fashion. When I come home and my wife says ” You didn't actually wear this at work, did you, because of my bold color choice, I used to say ” In 10 years time when this color sceme is in fashion, my colleagues will say: ten years ago someone worked here and he was far ahead of his time. He understood even then what was fashionable. And my beloved would snort and go on with whatever she was doing.

    Red, the new fashion color. I knew that….
    Thanks for your comment Cara.


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