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Jeans virgin

Do you know someone who doesn’t own a single pair of jeans? Do you know someone who has never in his (almost 55 years of his) life wore a pair of jeans? You do now. It not a question of a fundamental choice or anything. Just don’t like them. Never did. Even in school days where jeans is a school uniform, I never did. (I was the only one to wear a tie all the time, but I blame puberty).

The girl that changed my letter J

I don’t know about you, but the subjects of my posts tend to change a bit each day. I saw this girl in the street last week and her jeans were so tight, if they were painted on her I wouldn’t be surprised. And the only thing I could think of – yes you’ve guessed it – was: I want to spank that bottom. You know some bottoms seemed to be made for spanking? Ah, this one was. I walked two streets behind her without knowing where I was going, and then my brain finally took over and left me with a picture in my head. And a new subject for the letter J.
Like it was painted on her….

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7 thoughts on “J = Jeans

  1. LOL … I had smile on my face when I read your blogspot.
    I would love to see a 15 year old Han with a tie …

    A certain frequency starts to vibrate here and recognize .. “a little rebel who goes his own way and ignore what others say” .. lol …

    Hmmm ….. so you think that some butts are “created” to be spanked?
    No, unfortunately, have never had the “need” to do it, never been interested in it…lol..

    I like the other side of this coin.
    Do you know, that some hands are created to give a wonderful pleasure, created by “a clapping motion on the butts” … lol ..

    Have a good day, Han.

    Mona Lisa


  2. Ah, Mona Lisa. I have many mature games, are you familiar with the old fashioned tradition of nipple counting? Due to years of intensive butt research, I have made a standard rating


    It is so much fun and so adolescent to watch women and rate their bottom on spankability. The one I was talking about had, without a shadow of a doubt, an XXXSB. I'm certain if you would have seen her you would agreed with me on that.

    A rebel without a clue, Mona Lisa. Thanx for your comments!


  3. No, of course not PK, I don't think that all. She stood in her walk in closet that morning and thought Shall I wear the baggy shorts today? And then she choose the hugging jeans instead. Just because she could, you know. Woman have often have no idea how desirable they look.

    But I have a feeling this girl did know, PK! It's so nice having you here today, thank you.


  4. Ooh, they are tight aren't they? Too tight maybe, but all the better for spanking you with my dear!
    I love jeans. Baggy, skinny, low rise, high waist. But that's from a wearing point of view. For so many years I had to “dress up” for work but then I worked for an American company in London. First they introduced dress down day on Fridays and it was so great to go to work in civvies once a week. Then they made it a daily thing and it was even better, Seriously, we put in 12 to 14 hour days and not being in stiff formal suits really did make that easier. I thought I would tire of it after a while but actually, it took the stress out of what we did.
    Funny how clothes affect your mind! I am in my mid forties now and confess to wearing jeans every day my work doesn't take me to a client's premises. They just make me chill, even though I know I am probably too old for them.


  5. Nah girl, I think you can wear jeans until you are in your seventies. My MIL is in her eighties but I think she's a bit to old for them now. She doesn't care, as she shouldn't.
    Wear what feels best if you can. For me that is a suit and a tie, I feel better if I do, for you it's jeans. There is one restriction: make sure it fits, Not the same as tight, but you know, looks good on you.

    My wife said yesterday, or the day before that, My butt looked cute in that pants. Not a spankable butt, mind you!


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