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Vanilla Post remember?

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6 thoughts on “P = Playing

  1. When the kids come home from school and choose to go out to play, not touching the TV or the tablets, I'm really pleased. If I nagged them to do it, it wouldn't be the same.


  2. Oh ,i so agree! My grandkids are always asking for an i pad to play with..when i visit i come loaded with games and crafts! Love you blog….found it through Mona Lisa…
    hugs abby


  3. I hear you about the nagging and the self initiative. I think you are right. But I also think it has a lot to do with giving the good example yourself. You are doing a wonderful job, DelFonte.

    Thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.


  4. Mmm, the Ipet is addictive, especially when you are young. It makes them smart – more smart anyway I was at their age – but the joy of playing out is gone I think sometimes.

    Anyway, you are most kind about my blog, thank you.
    My wife would objectto hugging, but she wouldn't mind a SKON (Small Kiss On the Nose).

    Happy Midsommer!


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