Vanilla Post

If you can’t knot your own tie, how can you tie someone else?

Think what a different post this could have been if it wasn’t a Vanilla Post? I began to wear ties when I was 14,15 or so. (I was the only one at school 🙂 closed bracket after smiley. I know quite a few knots. Maybe it’s that I like to tie knots so much, I like ties so much?

Aaaa hum

OK, OK, vanilla is a spice….

Harness bondage


5 thoughts on “T = Tie

  1. I can knot tie with a simple knot that you're viewing. But Leo, he always uses half Windsor knot.
    For the tie, so to speak.

    Han, how can a woman go with a rope in the crotch?
    It looks very uncomfortable.
    Can we guess that it is a man who invented this? Without trying it on himself first.. lol ..

    Mona Lisa


  2. It is really surprising to see how many man can't knot their own tie. Ha!
    He's a knot man, your Leo.

    Maybe comfort is not the aim of the rope trick, Mona Lisa. I know that a few men like this too. I can imagine, not speaking from personal experience :-), that's not very comfortable for a man as well!. So it might be a cruel Mistress who “invented” this for all I know.



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