Who are you, the happy dog or the angry one? Met an angry one  this week. Almost needed a tetanus shot. I like the happy dogs better I think. I know a few people that bitch all day. At anything and everything, The weather, politics, work, children, the in-laws and their spouse. It must be an unhappy life.

I try to be glad with everything I’ve got. When I’m at the supermarket and I look at my full shopping cart I am genuinely happy I can buy all that stuff. That sounds corny perhaps, but I’m sincere. To be able to eat whenever you want to. That something to be grateful for.


2 thoughts on “Another dog post

  1. So true, so true.
    Such angry “dogs” can ruin the day for many.
    Certainly there must be something missing in their lives that make them like that. Maybe some nice spanking would help? lol.
    Volunteers ?


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