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I really like the saying “Don’t yuck my yum”.  It basically means “Don’t tell me that what I like is gross just because you don’t like it.” If you don’t like hair bondage (see hair post – you fill in your own yum) and you decide to tell me, you are yucking my yum. The other way around is also true. If I keep talking about my yum and you are quite repulsed by the idea, it’s making you uncomfortable  is just as bad. We may not all be into the same sorts of things, but we should still all respect each other and each other’s diversities.

Yucking another (wo)man’s yum is something that happens in the BDSM community as much as in the Vanilla one, I think. We are more tolerant to each other’s kink as long as we think it is safe, sane and consensual. But it’s doesn’t make you enlightened towards sexual assault, homophobia, racism and sexism for instance.

Still there is a lot of online support if something happens that yucks someone’s yum. And that is great. Because if we don’t body shame or kink shame other peoples yum. You might not be into the same as what they’re into, but that’s okay.  Try to be aware of if you are making other people uncomfortable. If you are talking about a topic just to make other people uncomfortable, take a step back and consider your choices.

Don’t yuck someone’s yum, and don’t yum their yuck.


6 thoughts on “Y = Don’t Yuck my Yum

  1. Hey Han…very wise post and I love the way you worded it. If someone's yum makes me uncomfortable, I will either just say that I am happy for them or not comment at all. If I am asked outright regarding something, I will say it is not my cup of tea but am not going to put anyone down. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings…


  2. I'm happy for them, seems to be my stock in trade line. There are some things that boil my blood but it usually involves non consenual harm to another living creature, otherwise it's live and let live.

    Your comments are much more succinct.


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