William of Orange, Father of our nation, was born in 1533 and killed in Delft on July 10th 1584. The first political murder (by Balthasar Gerards), but certainly not the last in the Netherlands. The family Orange has played an important part in the history of our country and our King Willem Alexander of Orange is a decedent of William of Orange. He is married to an Argentinian woman (Queen Maxima) and they have three daughters Catharina-Amalia (2003), Alexia (2005) and Ariane (2007). 


Our national team plays in the Orange colour. Orange is ours. And if “our boys” are playing at the European of the World Cup of Soccer and if you are in the Netherlands it is very hard to miss that. Just to give you an impression what is going on here, this is a street in a village but there are hundreds of streets like this one:
Orange fever (yes all those houses are wrapped)

6 thoughts on “Orange Orgasm

  1. Nice, I like it. And of course, Hup, Holland, Hup!
    Which of these two men is you, Han? .. Lol ..

    The game's name is – football, football, football and nothing else.
    So has this game been called before them on the other side of Ocean discovered the game with a ball that is not even round … lol ..

    Mona Lisa


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