I had high hopes when I begun this challenge to let you join in the tension if the challenge was met within a fortnight. And a few days without Wifi and my fancy plans lost it against real life. Anyway a chance to do a challenge without the chance of “being caught”. So my beloved chose challenge number 2. I forgot to ask her why 2. Second challenge? I somehow doubt she thought of that.

It’s the ruler challenge. We have three wooden rulers at home. One of 30 cm, one of 40 cm and one of 50 cm. She could choose the length of the ruler and thus the number of spanks. She took the 40 cm ruler with us on the trip.

On Monday she said after we had eaten somewhere in a small village, “let’s go back to the hotel”. I didn’t ask why. And 40 was no problem for her. I didn’t think it would. And so she got herself another 10% of the wellness day.

Congratulations, girl.


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