Still pondering about the tat choice, a permanent or a Henna tattoo. OK, a Henna tattoo is nice too, look at this one, love.

Henna tattoo


7 thoughts on “Henna tattoo: Quattuordecim encouragement

  1. Still henna. I don't want people to guess why I have this tattoo or to have to explain with the words mean to me. The little tattoo I have is the adoption symbol and I proudly explain it to anyone who asks.


  2. It really is nobodies business Blondie why you have one tattoo or one hundred tattoos. Your choice, no need to explain why, or when or what to anyone.

    So is the choice of my beloved. If she wants to take a tat I will be pleased, I she takes a henna I will be pleased and if she doesn't want either. OK, I am not pleased but it's her choice. Always her choice.


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