This picture contains something, and I don’t know what it is. Maybe it is the black and white?   I renamed it Holding on for dear life because the feeling of desperation is so evident to me. I want him to lift his head, or her to turn her head to us to know, you know, that they are… Well not fine, but just good. You know?

Do you agree this is a disturbing picture?


8 thoughts on “Hold on for dear life

  1. Based on the way his fingers are gripping her back and head, I get the feeling that he is holding on tighter than she is. Don't know if he needs the comfort or if he's holding tight to comfort her…either way, I find this picture powerful but not disturbing. Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and Blessings…


  2. I'm sure you are right Cat, it must be me. All my alarm bells are ringing seeing this picture. i think your explenation is more positive to I'll hang on to that one.

    Thank you, for taking the time to comment on this one. i appreciate it.



  3. What I see is: OMG , darling, thank you , it was just amazing,, I can't find words. I love you so ..
    I can see his feeling of love , his hands and arms want ” krama henne ihjäl”.

    One amazing pic , Han
    Hers boddy is just .. Wow .. Even I can see it . Loll
    Take care , Han,


  4. How is it possible I can see it so different? I understand what you mean Mona Lisa, but that is not my feeling at all, it still isn't. Anyway it is a really powerful picture, isn't it. Somehow I like the black and white better.

    More drama. And maybe I am the drama queen??


  5. Just a feeling. Maybe the tention in all the details. His feet, not solid on the floor but raised, try that for a while with a woman in your hands. It is the way he is holding her his hand clawing into her back. The way he holds her head like there is no tomorrow, the way she is kneeling, all submissive. Look at her feet, it is practice to kneel like that. look at the way she is holding her hands relaxed on his thighs, and yet it is the perfect grip to raise and walk away. They are so close together but there is no contact. They are not looking at eachother.

    Never mind, I must be seeing ghosts. anyway I'm glad you like it.
    thank you for taking the time to comment,



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