Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. And sometimes winning feels like losing and the other way around. This week I realized at last that what I was looking forward to, wasn’t going to happen. The question rephrased, above and beyond the tattoo issues, would be: “If your lover would ask you to do something would you do it, just because he asked you to?”

The “punishment” has been agreed upon before the start of the game. I have her bankcard now, so she cannot spend money for a week. That includes gas money, so if the car runs out of gas, she will have to go to work with public transportation. I’ll provide her with the necessary public transportation card.

Next week will be inconvenient for her, but not more than that, I think. However, the next P-point means handing over that bankcard for two weeks. She is bound to have more problems with that. With three games done, one safecard and 14 envelopes there are 10 dares left in the game. That is a lot.

We agreed on a 14 day break before doing another one. That gives us time to talk. During these challenges we don’t talk about the challenge itself. That is something that just happened, and was not prearranged. We talked about a lot of other things of course, but not about this. And with hindsight, it maybe a good thing. I cannot persuade her into something she doesn’t want, and she cannot negotiate herself out of it. Nonetheless we have to talk. I want clear air before the next one starts and no (hidden) resentment on either side. It is a game; nothing less, but nothing more either.

Finally I am grateful for your support and comments in the challenge. To those who participated: thank you! and to those who did not: Please feel free to say what you think about the challenge.


8 thoughts on “Result Quattuordecim challenge number seven

  1. Yes , good girl.
    I like women who knows what they want.
    Han, you tog hers banking card? Why? Was not punishment, God, how I hate that word., that she loos money for this challemge ? Did you punish her twice?
    Han , I know your wife is a clever woman and she will not need money this week .

    Mona Lisa


  2. If she wins the challenge she gets 10% of the admittance of a wellness center, if she looses she has to give her bank card to me for a week and thus not being able to spend any money. She doesn't have to pay, it that is what you meant. I think this is a very mild penalty, don't you agree?

    You think she took precautions, huh? I think so too.
    Thank you for your comment, Mona Lisa. I will pass on the compliments to my wife.


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