I have really fond memories to some of the Ted Talks. Ted Talks are themed conferences about science, religion, sports, anything interesting. Idea’s worth spreading.

Click link below

Link to Ted Talk

I couldn’t get Blondies blog post from yesterday out of my head. It kept going and going in my mind. And finally, after several hours, I ended up with this Ted Talk: Jon Ronson talking about the DSM-disorders. (And I was thinking that BDSM was in the four previous versions of the encyclopedia of mental illnesses a mental disorder. In the last revision they cut it out.) There are 374 mental disorders described in the current DSM V list.

2,9 million people saw this video already, chances are you have as well. If you didn’t I really recommend it. It is 18 minutes long. Or short as I lived through it.


7 thoughts on “Are you mad?

  1. I am familiar with TED, it was Leo who introduced it to me.
    Very interesting things you can hear dear. Look at ” Musik is medicine, music is sanity”.
    Many appearings are very talented.

    Han, would you be willing to talk about Bach at TED? Like “Bach and me”
    I promise to watch then ..
    Take care,
    Mona Lisa


  2. Wow, this was interesting. I love to learn about people and their personalities. In the last 15 years, I have had three different doctors try and label me. I am unlabelable. Hah!
    Thanks for sharing. I listened to Ted twice and shared it with Ty


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