Wednesday, my Weight Watchers Weighing Day. Lost 2,4 kilos this week. Don´t understand it at all. Ate this week fat pancakes in a pancake house. Anyway, that brings my weight to 95,8 kilo and I begun with 101,6. 
I´m pleased.


8 thoughts on “The aim is not skinny

  1. You are so right. Losing weight is only half the battle keeping the weight at the same level is the really hard part. Still, I believe we can do this as a family, changing our eating habits and stay healthy.

    So nice of you to comment,


  2. I was pleased with yesterdays results. It's kind of leading by example and show my family that healthty eating is the only solution on the long term. It is a long term commitment in a way.

    Thank you., as always, for your comment,


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