Wednesday night Weighing Weight Watchers Day. Gained 0,9 kilos instead of losing weight. Frustrating. We had a team outing today and ate some I shouldn’t have. We do eat healthy every day so that is not the problem. Got to figure out what is the other problem I don’t see right now.


6 thoughts on “Not good -> Bad?

  1. Hey Han…don't fret…it could something as simple a bit more salt in a dish which can cause water retention. My doctor also told me that when the weather is humid, we can also retain more fluid in our system and weigh a bit more. Oh and did you check your pockets? Anything heavy? Maybe a different, heavier pair of shoes? Lots of things to think about that cause a slight weight gain. Hang in there…you can do this.

    Hugs and Blessings…


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