The challenge start tomorrow at 00:00 hours

I’m glad to tell my beloved is feeling better most of the time. She has been nagging me for a few days in a row she wants to continue with the Quattuordecim challenge. Have I told you yet it was her idea, the concept I mean, in the first place? Strange girl.

I know what is in the envelopes that are still left, so as long as she was not well, I kept saying: patience. But I think she’s ready to rumble now. So I lay them out in two neat layers of five. Nine contain a challenge, one holds a safecard. I have played this game a few times in my head, but never in the order of the envelopes she picked. LOL. The safecard always came sooner in the challenge.
Anyway she picked envelope number three.
Number 3 is different than all the others. Do you know what the abbreviation MCP stands for? Yes, also for Microsoft Certified Partner, but that is not what I meant. Pig is correct, I think.

So, different.The next challenge begins tomorrow at 00:00 hours. The challenge is to bring me to a climax every day for 14 days in succession. The days start at 00:00 hours and end at 23:59 hours. If you will make make come once a day, 14 days in a row, you will win the challenge. If you fail only once the challenge will be over and you have lost. My goal will not making that impossible (I’m tired, go to sleep LOL), but passive. This is 14 days about me. The other 50 weeks in the year are for the both of us.

You can imagine it is getting more difficult at the end of the fortnight. We’ll see.
I’m a Male Satisfied Partner (MSP)


10 thoughts on “New Quattuordecim challenge is on!

  1. I just wanted to say I thought you were very innovative and inventive. It all sounds very exciting to me. I missed the first two envelopes, but this one tells me you will need lots and lots of energy, so I hope you have it.

    What happens if you get two climaxes in one day? Does this mean your wife is in credit? Or that you miss the next day?

    What an excellent way to spice up your love life! Although, I think perhaps a week would be as much as we could cope with….unless we were on holiday and away from all distractions and stress.

    I look forward to reading about all the successive envelopes.



  2. Actually you missed four Ami. 2 she won, 2 were lost. And yess it is FUN. Keep your marriage fresh and new by doing something weird is my motto.
    Good question about two times in one day. Now that wouldn't be very efficient, because I'm not on my teens anymore. No, it doesn't work that way, she gets a day off, if she makes me come twice'

    Mmm, if I get tired she will just have to be more inventive doesn't she? Last night was no problem, 🙂 LOL.

    I'm having way too much fun, Ami. Thank you for your comment. Don't you hate it typing it twice? Happens to me a lot as well


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