Down boy

Good news. Wonderful news. Headlines. Forget Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and the rest of the world in turmoil. Day three of the quottuordecim challenge went fine. Just fine.


Three down, eleven to go.


7 thoughts on “Down Boy, Three Down

  1. What a nice words: Just fine.
    Who needs more?
    Enjoy boy, enjoy.
    I like this challenge more and more..
    Maybe if we all start with this 14/14 challenge , of all positive energy it will brings with…. It will be a “Freed on the Earth”.

    Take care,


  2. I never have time to go into blog land over the weekend. But I see that you are teasing everyone with your challenge. Your hints are so not good. I have no clue. But your other posts were funny. Hope you have a great week


  3. I understood you perfectly in your original post Mona Lisa.
    (I read in write in English for a long time now, and yet make so many mistakes it must be a horror to read for native English speakers.)



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