I think I don’t need other words than the title of this post? Do you? Day four and one happy Han.


14 thoughts on “Satisfied

  1. I have explained the challenge poorly.

    That risk is very much realistic, Appy. It is the core of the challenge. If she doesn't “make me perform” in 24 hours she will have lost that day and thus the challenge.
    So if her strategy doesn't work at night she still got the rest of that day to try again. The whole evening until 12 o' clock. Maybe with a different concept. A new approach.

    This is the most submissive challenge for me in Quattuordecim. The only challenge where the initiative is with Wanita, not me. I will cooperate with everything she wants to do, but it is her challenge, not mine.

    Have I explained it better? Just ask if it's still not clear.
    Thank you for asking,



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