Let me tell you what happened last night. My wife went to her regular weekly sauna visit and one of the people who visit that place every week wasn’t there. And she asked where she was, and another woman said: “she is at home. She had an ear operation last week”. And the moment she got home she picked up the phone and asked her friend how she was doing. She herself was in pain for several weeks and we didn’t even got a phone call from those people she calls friends. But the minute she got home she picked up the phone and called her.

You know, all this sex stuff is Fun, with a capital F, but at moments like those I’m almost bursting with pride. My woman is good people, you know. Really, deep down where it counts.

Oh yes, 7 out of 14. Halfway.


8 thoughts on “Love

  1. I don't know if she is an epitome, Cat but I do know her heart is in the right place and she indeed is very special to me.

    I'm not fed up with the challenge yet LOL
    Thank you so much for your comment, Cat,



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