Without further information. Thank you for your understanding!


10 thoughts on “Do not disturb…

  1. Ooh! I need that sign in front of our hotel room. I have only been here for nearly two full days and have been spanked quite a bit. No complaints on my part, except enjoying whining about my sore bottom. =)

    Hope that a spanking good time was had by all!


  2. I'm thrilled to hear from you, girl with the naughty name and hope you have a wonderful holiday. Well, it sounds to me like you are having a lot of fun over there…. Don't forget to leave your hotel room for a while to see some of the country… 🙂

    It is so nice to hear from you,



  3. Sure could of used that sign recently when we were out of town at a BB. Walls were very thin and spankings are never quiet. Even using a pillow to scream into doesn't help much. Maybe the sign should be our next purchase.


  4. Call the police, a woman is screaming inside. Dial 911 or 999 or whatever the bloody number is. Somebody help!

    Here, do you see that guy? Over there with the cute Blonde. He's the one that beats his wife. Poor soul.

    Oh, you guys want to be left alone for a consensual spanking? Oh, of course, come on guys, show is over, these folks want to be left in peace..



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