OK, Today is the day. I bribed my daughter into spending the weekend at her friends place by giving her money to spend on dinner and a little spending money. The wheelchair taxi can bring her there and the parents of her friend always bring them with a big car. (They are filthy rich, but nice people)
On Friday night she left and she will be back Sunday around noon. I said I wanted to surprise her mama, and she understands of course that we wanted to be alone. She’s not a dummy, my girl.

Anyway, so these are my plans for today.

At 07:00 hours (maybe a minute later LOL), I’ll make her breakfast. Fresh Orange Juice (1 ProPoint), 2 Fries Rye bread slices (5 ProPoints), two teaspoons 20+ cream cheese ( 1 ProPoint and one with 20+ cheese (half a slice, 1 ProPoint).
At eight I have planned the hairdresser at home. She is the niece of Wanita and she did her hair and make-up on our wedding day. My wife is not a girlie girl and almost never wears make-up. But today she needs to look pretty to feel pretty. If I spend money I’d better spend it on family, don’t you agree?
After her niece is gone, and I have no idea how long this is going to take. Patrice says about an hour, max. hour and a half.
After that she can have a look at the box that has been in our bedroom since Wednesday. This will be in the box:
This satin corset:

(without the panties I might add)

A velvet dress and blouse



These hold up stockings, black

These shoes (tricky part, difficult feet, maybe they don’t fit well. I have a plan B)
This Eau De Toilette spray. I love this smell of this on her. The Sun, the Moon and the Stars is so appropriate, because she is the Sun, the Moon and the Stars to me.

(FYI: It opens with fruity-floral notes of freesia, bergamot, pineapple, orange blossom, lotus, rice and juicy peach. The heart of this exotic fragrance is created of heliotrope, intensive jasmine, orange blossom, daffodil, carnation, lily of the valley, seductive orchid and iris. The base carries sandalwood, cedar, amber, musk and vanilla)

So I planned for us a morning, an afternoon, an evening and a night activity. If you are curious if the challenge is done, check in tomorrow. Oh. I probably have a good sleep until noon Sunday. LOL.

12 thoughts on “Today is Quattuordecim day

  1. Make sure you unplug your phones, keep the blinds shut (so people don't know you are home), and remember to whisper sweet nothings to her whenever you can. Have a great weekend


  2. Wanita is one very lucky lady! Wishing you two an absolutely outstanding weekend! Oh and Blondie had some excellent suggestions. 😉

    Hugs and Blessings…


  3. We didn't stay home, Blonde, but I did took care of the sweet nothings. at one point we .looked af each other and said simultaniously ” get a room” , and laughed. It's been said frequently by our daughter these days…

    Thank you for your lovely comment,



  4. I'm glad you agree with my choices Mona Lisa. The perfume is very personal taste I think. I love the smell. I don't know if it is her favouite smell as well, she doesn't use perfume often and if so it is the fresh, flowery smell – she hates spending money on it – but I really like it. I like the name as well…

    Thank you for your lovely comment,


  5. I just love everything here – but not the shoes because they are too clumpy for me. The corset is divine and I want one! The dress is just the type I would choose!

    You are SUCH a romantic guy, Han!



  6. The shoes, yes they were difficult! My Wanita can't wear high heeled shoes, so and her feet need good support otherwise she would sprain her ankle, and that would be well, a bit of a disappointing way to start the day. So I had to find good, reliable shoes what would fit the dress more or less.
    And still I was not sure they would fit.

    She wore them on Saturday, but I don't think she wants to wear them in the future much, to be honest.

    And yes, I think I have romance in my heart, even as a kid I had a very romantic view at life. LOL

    Thank you for your lovely comment, Ami,


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