I have always something to do. I have always a books to read. And some books I like to read again, and again, and again. Years and years ago (no TV-series to be seen yet) I asked my librarian of the public library to order Dragonfly in Amber for me. He looked at me funny, but ordered the book anyway. I read and reread the series a couple of times…


10 thoughts on “So many books, so little time….

  1. Some people might consider you comments as surly, but I don't. It is compact writng: not wasting words on repeating a message already been told. What more to say than: “I have reread books too? i know what you mean, and there are some books I also like very much, but, as I prefer to read new books, I have reread books too” .

    I'm not very efficient with words. runs in the ramily. My father and daughter have the same of making a sentence into a story…

    It is wonderful you comment Leigh, and I admire your way with words. I always think, could I write it like that.
    But I'm not a successful writer,


  2. Yes, I'm guilty of it too. I have some books that I reread only in summer and some of the winter.
    It depends on the feeling behind the books. The book itself is a beautifull feeling .. how it feels in your hand, how it smells, how it looks …

    Take care,
    Mina Lisa


  3. I'm a re-reader too, Han! πŸ™‚ If you love a book, it's so nice to pick it up again, or listen to the audio of the same, when it moves you. Especially true if the book makes you feel good and makes you smile!

    I am presently reading the very first Outlander book (or I should say listening to it on my long drives back and forth to my folks these days). I love it so far, and am almost caught up to where the new tv series is now. My friend Terps told me there are about 8 books and that they are very long but great! I always do love it when you come across a good book and there are a whole bunch more to read- vs. having to wait for the next to be published. Enjoy your reading! Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  4. I hardly can find time to read a book. I am sure I can't read all the books I really want to read before I die. 😦
    Perhaps I should put my oPad away and start reading books in stead of blogs.
    I admire you, Han, for all that reading you do.



  5. Ah, Katie re-reader mate. All the Outlander books are great. If you begin at number 2 don't be put off by the first 100 pages. It will only get better. And better. Forget about the TV-series. They don't even look like Claire and Jamie!!



  6. Somehow I don't get the feeling you are bored easily Appy. So don't worry about the books, do what you'd like to do best. If that is reading a book, that's fine. If that is watching TV, that's fine. If that is reading my blog that is fine too. Smile.

    I have been a reader all my life, even when I was a little boy. I like to dream away in a book, or get to know something I didn't knew before.

    Glad we are all different, my friend,


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