The MSPE is undoubtedly these two pictures here below. No nakedness, but trust, submission, intimacy and closeness. They seem each in a world of their own, and not having any attention for another, but take a second look. They are very much aware of another. Did you notice on the first picture her hand is around his leg? Did you notice he holds her hair in his fist?

Do you see the peace in her face? His hand on her soft hair? Do you think she is reading or just closed her eyes to enjoy his touch?


12 thoughts on “Most Sexy Picture Ever (MSPE)

  1. Hej Cat. I understand what you mean. But I'm sure you see the hardly visable layer beneath it as well. Could it be the inner content of a sasisfying D/s relation that is behind the contentment?

    I think it is,


  2. Exactly my point. Isn't that far more arousing than if they were nude in a blatant pose? i think it is. The power exchange, the ownership in just one touch? I think it is the MSPE.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment, Leigh,



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