This is The Eastern Gate (Oostpoort) in Delft, an example of Brick Gothic northern European architecture, was built around 1400.

The current Oostpoort is the only remaining gate of the city of Delft. The relatively lightly built gate on the ground floor high space with arrow slits, was built around 1400. The East Gate consists of a land and a water port connected by the remains of the old city wall to each other. The Watergate has a passage opening that can be closed off with gates. On the field side is at the top, in the middle, a throw hole is preserved. The stairway is located in a separate stair tower, from which also the parapet walk of the wall can be achieved. Above the tower is a guardroom.

In 1514, the Delft Oostpoort was extended with an octagonal floor, and a very steep spire. The gate was restored between 1962 and 1964 and is now an art gallery.ย 

You see the willow tree on the right? That is the place where Han and Wanita van Meegeren took their wedding pictures. The eastern gate has a special place in our hearts, because it is one of the most beautiful old spots in the Delft centre.


9 thoughts on “The Eastern Gate

  1. How BEAUTIFUL that is, Han! ๐Ÿ™‚ Those pictures must have been very special indeed- first because of the reason that you were there, and second because of the setting!

    Thanks for sharing this, as well as a bit of the history. Many hugs,

    <3 Katie


  2. It is, isn't it? It's our favourite spot in Delft. One can see the towers in times long gone and how generations before us have looked at the East Gate to enter the city.

    It is now an oasis in modern junk of course. But that is progress, Katie. The neighbours have to eat as well, so everyone should have a job in the ugly buildings around it. But if you look through the hairs of your eyes you can still see it.

    Like it once was.
    Thank you for taking the time to comment Katie,



  3. OMG that is beautiful. What a great place to use for a background. As a daughter of a photographer, who worked many wedding with him, I have to say that you made a good choice. Were within the willow tree or was it just a background. I was just worrying about the shade patterns that you get from trees I hope you got some by the water.
    The history behind the building makes the pictures even more meaningful.
    Love it all


  4. Thank you for sharing your special place with us Han. It is absolutely beautiful. I love when you share your knowledge with us and we get to learn something new.

    Hugs and Blessings…


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