Yes, I’m still watching my weight. Since August last year I lost some 13 kg but boy, it this hard to do! My beloved is watching her weight all her life and has done one crash diet after another. In August I decided it was overweight myself, and if a man does not want to have tits, and believe me a man doesn’t, he has to do something about it. So I did and I thought it was not easy but with willpower you would reach your goal.

After a half year my modest goal is not reached yet and that shows how hard it is to do, day in, day out, week in, week out. Every diet that says: Hey, let’s eat again, you can eat anything just as long as you don’t overdo it, is wrong. It is hard work to say NO to so many temptations.

But I will reach my goal someday. Because I’m convinced that only a lifestyle of healthy eating and exercise will make a difference. I will keep you posted.


8 thoughts on “Watching my weight

  1. Yes, Han, , it's tough but it's worth it. There is NO way back.
    Imagine how it will feel about six months, when you loose another 13 kg . With such a slow loss of weight hopping one there will be no Y o-yo effect.
    Hold on Han ,
    Mona Lisa


  2. Wow, 13kg more, Mona Lisa. Wow. I want to concentrate on the next five kilo's first… LOL. I agree with you that I shouldn't give up. I don't want to gain what I have lost with so much trouble.



  3. It is not just willpower Appy. And we do this as a family. It is much tougher to the people who have to do this alone and the family is eating all kind of things…

    Thank you for taking the time to comment,


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