We celebrated our Quattuordecim challenge 13 this afternoon. An empty house and we both felt like having a good time. And we did. After a little warming up of 45 minutes we started the first part of the spanking 32 spanks with the hand on her backside and in the intermission I held her and loved her. And had a drink for her. Then we had 32 more without having to restrain myself and put some force behind the spanks. 
After the rituals, you know the kissing of the hand (that felt nice and warm by the way) we cuddled and talked for a while. It felt good, and warm, and nice. So I was pleased and proud she had chosen the double or nothing dare, she was pleased and proud she got her Q-points, so yes. It was one of the moments in time to look back on with fondness.

We took a shower and dressed for daily life. Just another cold Saturday in February. Another memory richer. 


9 thoughts on “Result Quattuordecim challenge nr. 13

  1. I love this challenge. It sounds so wonderful. Congrats to you and Wanita for having such a lovely time. I am sure that she enjoyed your cuddles after warming up her bottom.

    I just want to do this challenge with my guy. We do something similar, except that we don't have an intermission where I get to drink up and have a bit of a breather.


  2. Thank you Mona Lisa, very kind of you to say so. I hope I did not contribute to the global warming. Well maybe a global warming of the heart would not sound so bad to me….

    You take care of yourself and those who love you,


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