So after handing over her safe guard she chose out of the remaining envelopes number 10. Number 10 is one of the most revealing challenges:

This challenge is a real dare! I dare you to wear no bra AND no panties for 14 days in a row. The bra will be obvious, and I will check for panties several times a day. Heheh! If you wear or a bra or panties in these 14 days the challenge will be lost. If you don’t wear either for a fortnight you will earn a Q-point.

 My Wanita really needs a bra to support her large (wonderful) breasts. She complained of course she couldn’t go to work without a bra. I told her to make up a story if she needed to why she could not wear a bra for two weeks. I asked her to give her bra and panties immediately so we would start today. And she did. So this challenge is on!


15 thoughts on “Quattuordecim challenge number 10

  1. This is quite the dare, Han! I hope that Wanita is successful and that you ensure that she complies, which I am sure will be difficult for you (tee hee).

    My guy loves when I don't wear a bra, so he has quick access to playing with them. I have actually been spanked for wearing one. I do like this challenge!


  2. Hi Han, Is Wanita allowed to wear trousers or does she have to wear a skirt? Just curious.
    I hope will post hiw she feels about this challenge.



  3. Oh, yes trousers are allowed… She doesn't have enough skirts to last a fortnight Appy! No, she is allowed to wear nice trousers. I know what will be in them. Ha!

    You want to know more about she feels about this, huh?
    OK, I will post about it.

    Some day soon,


  4. No, definitely not. I think that I am at this paranoid stage right now because my daughter informed that my nipples show when I don't have a bra on and that her brothers' friends can see. She was horrified. Lol
    There is only two things that Ty would ask me to do that I would have to use my safe guard or lose the entire thing. But he would be sleeping with one eye open if he tried that stunt. I always tell him, when he has gone too far, “one eye baby, one eye” and he believes me. The paddles are actually on my side of the bed.


  5. This challenge wouldn't bother me one scrap. I love going bra less as its so comfortable, and unless I had to run, it wouldn't bother me. You can always wear dark coloured clothing, and in winter most clothing is thicker. At home, of course, it isn't a worry. As for being knickerless (LOL LOL!) it is presumably much healthier, but could be rather draughty at times (chuckle). I don't wear short skirts, so there again, it wouldn't bother me. Going without underwear feels good. It feels sexy. I think Wanita will enjoy this challenge.



  6. It is wonderful Ami. The time of braless ness is almost over now and it is so wonderful. It is truly a ballet behind the fabric walls. Sans knickers is so wonderful to touch and feel. Ah.

    This is a wonderful challenge,


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