As I stare down on you, kneeling before me, I am drinking you in
Looking you over, studying you while you maintain the pose, for me

Your eyes are kept down, so full of determination and focus
Shoulders square, knees spread wide, wrists locked behind you

The candlelight bathes your naked ivory skin, making you angelic
Your cheeks puff slightly, from the loose ball I placed inside of your pretty mouth, a reminder that beauty should only be seen

On top of you head is a single book, a tome of great value
“The Misfortunes of Virtue” by our dear Marquis, balances perfectly

What a splendid vision you are my dear submissive, how you complete me
Feminine helplessness, naked innocence, total submission

When we play together you make me a god and become my everything
The rest of the world fades away like melted vanilla ice cream on the floor, pathetically sweet and sticky

Quietly I watch, in such awe your disciplined obedience
Even the bell from your posture collar is motionless, silent

Inside my head a myriad of games and scenes, scripted just for you
Designed to challenge you, test your limits, and most of all satisfy me

I know I am a difficult, complicated man with most refined tastes
Enjoying both pleasuring you and conferring erotic pain without guilt

Despite all of this, you adore me, worship me, even love me
Understanding, acceptance, and completeness all rolled into one

Oh, there is so much I want to say, let you know, reveal
But we both know that Doms never, ever gush, especially in the dungeon

Written by LeColonel  


12 thoughts on “D = Dominant Male

  1. Of course not all Doms are the same Molly, but this one had trouble to do just that and put his words in his poem. And I like his poem very much and wanted to share it with you.

    Thank you for your comment Molly,


  2. Really like this snippet. I can picture it in my head. He is just watching her and thinking to himself all of that and there even be a hint of a smile. Doms can be complicated and don't tend to gush at least not in a dungeon or a scene. Control, total control of himself is a must


  3. Control is indeed what it is all about, I agree that Doms can be complicated people sometimes. But then again I think they are much like any other people I know: all different.

    Thank you for your comment, Blonde. I appreciate it.


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