An Alphabet in an Alphabet. This is a Typography post. Is it a font? Well, kind of. Of Tools and Toys! To play with or to let your imagination go wild. Have Fun!

A: ballgag
B: handcuffs
C: fuzzy wristcuffs
D: D-ring
E: insertables
F: speculum
G: singletail
H: violet wand
I: Wartenberg wheel
J: cane
K: clothespins
L: crop
M: rope
N: candle
O: ring of O
P: belt
Q: spiked collar
R: flogger
S: blindfold
T: nipple tree
U: dragon tongue
V: flip knife
W: clamps
X: St. Andrew’s cross
Y: switch
Z: Hitachi wand
?: suspension hook
!: anal beads
period: prophylactic
“: tacks
comma: vampire claw
semicolon: prophylactic + claw
colon: 2 prophylactics
apostrophe: needle


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