To those, familiar with the Quattuordecim challenge, another challenge begun today, to those who read this for the first time, it really is a challenge as a result of the Spanking Challenge last year, and Quattuordecim (latin for 14), was my choice for the letter Q. I made 14 envelopes with in each a dare, based on our lifestyle. If you choose the label Quattuordecim or visit the Q-page it will explained to you all, including the results of the challenges.
Today Wanita chose envelope number 11. In 11 was a fun challenge, for me and I think for her as well. Because I am such a tender hearted bloke I promised her one Q-bonus point if she would succeed in this challenge. Challenge number 11 is:

If you masturbate yourself to orgasm twice within one hour and reach orgasm twice, with me watching you of course, and if you do that for 14 days in a row, you will receive a Q-point. If you receive only one orgasm, or forget or don’t do it at all, you will get 1 P-point. The orgasms only count if they are counted by me.

In this table you will see the results so far. A woman is Wanita who did the challenge of the day, a dress is a challenge yet to be done (click on the picture for more details, if you dare..). I will update them each day…  

Real orgasms you say. Watch this famous “When Harry met Sally” clip of the movie. Hey, I’m a guy. I know 🙂

So Good Luck Wanita with this new challenge.


6 thoughts on “Quattuordecim challenge number 11

  1. Wow, Han, what a challenge!
    Sorry, Han bur I think this will br a
    ” A piece of cake”.
    Very tasty and enjoyable piece a cake.
    You know , like a goooood OMG goooood
    chockolad cake.. Omg …..

    Go for it, Wanita!

    Have a fun , both,

    Mona Lisa


  2. Very interesting challenge Han…like many of your other challenges, the challenge itself is a win for you no matter what the outcome. 😉 I am sure Wanita will succeed. Good luck Wanita!

    Hugs and blessings…


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