Inventaris van de schilderijen,meubels en huisraad die aangetroffen zijn in de boedel van Rembrandt van Rijn, die gewoond heeft in de Breestraat bij de Sint Antonissluis
In de hal schilderijen
Een stukje door Adriaen Brouwer, voorstellende een koekenbakker
Een dito van spelers door dezelfde Brouwer
Een dito van een vrouw met kind door Rembrandt van Rijn
Een schildersstudio door dezelfde Brouwer
Een overvloedige dis door dezelfde Brouwer
Een tronie van gips
Twee naakte kinderen van gips
Een slapend kindje van gips
Een oude schoen
Een klein landschapje door Rembrandt
Nog een landschap door dezelfde
Een staand figuurtje door dezelfde
Een scène bij kaarslicht door Jan Lievens

Inventory of paintings, furniture and household items found in the estate of Rembrandt van Rijn, who lived in the Breestraat nearby Sint Antonissluis
In the hall of paintings
A piece by Adriaen Brouwer, depicting a cake baker
A ditto of players through the same Brouwer
A ditto of a woman with child by Rembrandt van Rijn
A painterstudio by the same Brouwer
An abundant meal by same Brouwer
A mug of plaster
Two naked children of plaster
A sleeping baby plaster
An old shoe
A little small landscape by Rembrandt
Another landscape by the same
A standing figure by the same
Candlelit scene by Jan Lievens

Thus is the beginning of a twenty page inventory of the belongings of Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn, painter in Amsterdam on 25 and 26 July 1656. If we take a look at this inventory list this was not just Rembrandt home, it was his art gallery, his source of inspiration. So many artefacts are on the list, so many paintings by other painters and so many books.

Rembrandt lost it all. Deep, deep in debt he had no other choice than to declare himself bankrupt. Although the romantic image of Rembrandt died poor and bereft of friends is wrong, Rembrandt always had some friends that would help him, it must have been a blow to the man who once was so successful in Amsterdam. But tastes change and his unique style of painting was considered to be old fashioned. It was not once Rembrandt got a painting returned to him with the remark: “It is not finished yet”. Finally Rembrandt decided that he was the one that said a painting was finished or not.

I’m so privileged to see tomorrow “the late Rembrandt” exposition in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. OK, it was in the National Gallery in London before, but now, until 17 May it is back in the town where these paintings belong… in Amsterdam. And tomorrow I’m going to see all these paintings and etches this tormented man painted in the last years of his life.

The Rijkmuseum says in its posters it is a once-in-a-lifetime, maybe even once-in-eternity experience.
And I have tickets for tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Late Rembrandt

  1. Ooh Han…color me green with envy. Would love to see the exposition. Looking forward to reading your review of it. pssst…take lots of pictures if you're allowed…and even if you're not! 😉

    Hugs and blessings…


  2. I have coloured you Cat, but only in soft pastel colours. I wish I could have taken you in my pocket, but there are to many guards, we would never pass them unseen.

    I did take pictures. LOL,



  3. It was actually. The director of the Rijksmuseum has admitted they rather sell tickets then have everybody have a look: If you don't like it buy your own Rembrandt….
    They hope to have 450000 visitors at the end of the exhibition. And they just might make it. It is sold out already!



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