How many people don’t go the pool or the sea, although they love to swim? How many do deny these pleasures because of the way they look. Mariana doesn’t care. And so she shouldn’t.

It’s such a victory for all women who love women and for all men that love men that in Ireland – the conservative bastion in Europe –  legalized the same sex marriage yesterday. Because love doesn’t care about gender.

Find freedom in inner love…. Can’t say it more pretty or more sincere than that.

The pain that hurts the most is often the pain you cannot see. Meet Rebecca, and believe me there are more Rebecca’s out there you can ever imagine!

 I feel so much for couples that want kids so bad they do anything to become pregnant. It’s so difficult to come to terms with not getting want you want the most of all. And it is just as difficult to stand up against the peer pressure that every woman should want kids.

My sister was grey at 30. Now she has this silver white hair that is just so beautiful. She doesn’t look old. She looks what she is, a wise woman that has gone through a lot.

It’s not a coincidence religions focus on women’s hair. It’s an essential part of their beauty. But who am I to judge someone who thinks she serves her faith by wearing something to cover it?  

Make up is to emphasize what is already beautiful. And most women don’t need that. If you like it, fine. If you don’t like it, fine.

Being married to someone who has been at War with her scale all of her life, the point Whitney makes is close to heart. Find happiness that is what counts.

So this was the last one. I think they are enough. Strange. I did look for the same list for men but didn’t find it. I think Corol Rossetti did a wonderful job. It was a wonderful post to make.


11 thoughts on “Women II

  1. Thank you for sharing these Han…many of these really hit home for me…and the ones that have been the cruelest have been other females. 😦

    Hugs and blessing…Cat


  2. Like I said in the last line, Appy, men either don't talk about it, or look different to these things. I'm sure verbal abuse is against both genders.

    Let's make our own some day, Appy,



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