Notice the Nadu position

Maybe this picture can be added to those of Sunday and Monday. The text could be:
Melita wants to be dominated. Her friends tell her that it is sick, she should see a shrink and get a “normal” boyfriend.
And beneath the poster would say:
Melita, the only thing that counts is your free choice. And if you choose that trough submission you express your love in the deepest way possible,  what other people say or think is not important. It’s you that is important.


4 thoughts on “Women III

  1. Love your caption and it is so obvious from the picture how much she wants to be dominated. Thank you for sharing this sexy picture.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. I had to laugh about the wise man bit, Mona Lisa. Not sure many would agree with you, but it is lovely that you think so.

    I will make some stupid posts this week for compensation.
    Thank you for your comment, Mona Lisa,


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