A blindfold seems such a simple instrument of D/s but it really isn’t. To be able to see what is happening around you is important, and deprived of that can be very scary. Not being able to see what he (or she of course) has in his hands. Your hearing is better now. It has to be. You concentrate on what you hear, instead of what you see. Maybe your sense of smell is so well developed you can smell him behind you. What will he do?
A blindfold allows you to concentrate on his voice, on his commands, but it also can make you retreat in your own world, in your own fears. That is why it is so important that the Dominant keeps watching for both of them when she can’t see. To recognize the signs of fear, of panic.

A blindfold can also free you from any inhibitions you may have. You may feel ashamed for instance to masturbate in front of your Dominant, but the darkness can set you free and make you push over that threshold. It can be liberating not to see his face, and just concentrate on your own feelings.

A blindfold really belongs in your own personal playbox.


6 thoughts on “Blindfold

  1. Leigh put it very well….I love being blindfolded…most of the time. It adds to the 'butterflies'…not being able to mentally prepare for what is next…every toy box does need one.
    hugs abby


  2. I knew you would Abby, it's really wonderful isn't it? It give a thrill not to know what is happening. And then suddenly, anything can surprise you both tenderness as other caresses you didn't expect.

    I love it when you comment,


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