Today the most wonderful thing happened. It really was a stressful day at the office, the mood is quite depressing at the moment. Anyway I rode almost 20 km (12,4 miles) home on my bike in the motregen. Motregen is a Dutch word for drizzle. Only Motregen is a beautiful word. For the few people (Appy) who can pronounce it. Mot-regen. An old word from the 16th century with it origins of rain like dust. Motregen as anyone knows can make you very, very, very, very wet. One small drop at a time it sucks trough your clothes until it finds a home on your skin.

So Han van Meegeren wasn’t in a wonderful mood. Cold, hungry and wanting to get home. You get the picture. And then I saw a mother with her daughter on their bikes. The mum was holding with one hand her daughter about 6 or 7 years old (how do I know?). And behind them was a smaller child (5 or 6 years) on a smaller bike. With smaller legs on smaller pedals. And next to her was her father. And she shouted: Mam, Mam, Mam. (Mam short for Mama, isn’t it nice all these Dutch words). And the mother without looking back at her child – probably used to this hearing it all day – shouted back, Ja, ja, ja. (Ja is so much shorter then Yes. Pronounce: Jah.) And the kid shouted “Look, I can ride faster than daddy”. Moving her feet like a madman. And she was. Faster than her dad.

It really made my day.


13 thoughts on “On my way home

  1. How nice you ffound something that helped you forward, home..
    Hmmm, nice pic, Han.
    But I think I will donate some money to poor family on your pic, so daddy can purchase bicycle helmets for those cute princesses.



  2. I am enjoying the Dutch lessons – I need to ramp up my vocabulary.
    So far, I only know how to say two rude things, plus “ja, schat” and “ijspegel”.
    So “motregen” is a welcome addition… oooh, wait! one more!
    “dankjewel” ;p


  3. I am so happy you were gifted with a glimpse of that family joy to brighten up your day. Hope things go better at your office. Sending lots of positive energy your way.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  4. The old queen never did any maintenance on her home palace and now the state is renovating it for the new king to live in. They estimated it 32 million euro but now it turns out to be 60 million euro. So if you have some money left somewhere I will ask his banknumber….

    Thank you for watching so well,


  5. I have never ever thought of myself as a family man. Probably because I associate that with boring… But thinking about it, you may be right, Appy, You may just be right…

    LOL, thank you for insight,


  6. Now, see…
    My contact in Leiden assured me that should be written as one word when I had spelled it out all nicely into 3 for him.
    I shall scold him roundly for getting me into trouble!


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