Some fetishes are powerful. Hair pulling is one of them. I must admit I like to control the head by the hair. Many posts about hair and even one on pulling.Pity Wanita likes short hair. Like many men I love long hair. For a firm grasp. You know. But with short hair, I will have to improvise a bit…


7 thoughts on “Enthraller

  1. You know what Leigh, I have a feeling you wouldn't mind if Ray would come behind you, grabbed you in the neck and slowly goes up to hair until his hand is full enough to pull you up…

    I don't think you would kind of like that.
    Just guessing,


  2. He says to close your eyes. And than he moves his hands over your mouth, over your nose, over your eyes, still closed, over to your hair until he has enough in his hand to have a firm grip. And than he pulls you towards him…

    Yes, those places are the right places…



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