We’ve got some awful invention called the OV (public transportation) chip card. You put money on the card, check in if you board the train, check out if you leave the train.

When I was young I had a train set just like this one, that comes from a toy museum:

And when I was young we hard cardboard tickets, pre-printed to any destination in Holland or even abroad. They were in large cabinets at the station and looked like this:

Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as these coloured tickets? No, I understand. It’s pretty isn’t it? OV-chipcard. Hah!


6 thoughts on “Ticket to the Universe

  1. I remember similar tickets, just not as pretty, when I was riding the MetroLink (light rail system) while living in St. Louis. Think I still have a few around the house somewhere. Thanks for sharing the lovely memory.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Of course you are way to young to have seen these. But railway people had to know where each ticket was. I always was impressed by that. I loved it that on the outward journey the top half got a hole from the ticket collector pliers, and on our way back the bottom half was pierced.

    Ah, I'm old,


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