novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West

Chapter 26

    It seemed like she was gone for quite a while. When she returned, I was
surprised to see her dressed. She was wearing a white pair of very short
shorts and a white see-through blouse from her forbidden clothing pile. The
blouse was rolled up to just below her breasts and tied in the front. It
was unbuttoned and wide open all the way down to where it was tied. Her
nipples barely remained covered, but were clearly visible through the filmy
material. She also had on a sexy pair of black high heels. She looked
spectacular, and I couldn’t help staring at her. She saw me staring at her,
and said I would have just earned my second punishment, for raising my eyes
without permission, if we were downstairs. She said the clothing my
Mistress chose to wear was not for scrutiny by the Slave, and I had better
keep my eyes to myself or I would be punished. I lowered my eyes
immediately, and was impressed with her ability to begin manipulating me so
soon. I knew for sure I would be in for a tough time if I let her get me in
the basement.

    She proceeded to mark and cut the loose ends from my collar, belt, and
wrist manacles. While she was working right next to me, it was all I could
do to avoid looking at her in those sexy clothes. But I knew she would be
watching my eyes for just such a slip-up. When she went to mark and trim
the ankle bonds, I thought of a suggestion that might help me to get on her
good side and also find out if she was trying to trick me. But I couldn’t
speak without permission, so I cleared my throat. She looked up and asked
me if I had something to say. I nodded, and she said to say it quickly. I
said, “Mistress Carrie, before you trim the ankle manacles, you might want
to fit them on your slave’s thighs, Mistress Carrie.” She was puzzled, and
told me to switch to informal speech and tell my Mistress what the hell I
was talking about.

    Using as submissive a tone as I could, I suggested that she remove her
slave’s ankle manacles and reattach them at the tops of the slave’s thighs,
then she would find that she could connect the wrist manacles to them, as
another way of restraining her slave. She tried that, and was very pleased
with the result. She patted me on my ass and said I had done well. Then she
stuck two fingers in my asshole, and fucked my ass for a few seconds while
she smiled at me. She told me that the next time she had two fingers up my
ass, if I was permitted to speak, I would ask her for three fingers
instead. She asked me if I would remember that, and I said I would. When
she pulled her fingers out, she wiped them on my ass. Without releasing my
wrists, she then marked and cut the ankle/thigh manacles.

    Now was my chance. She had left me under informal speech rules, so I
asked, “Mistress Carrie, your Fuck Toy humbly asks his Mistress to explain
the functions of the other items in the drawer, Mistress Carrie.” She
looked in the drawer, and didn’t say anything for a moment. Then she told
me curtly that she didn’t know what those items were, they were just among
a lot of bondage gear she had purchased. Again in my most polite and humble
voice, I asked her if she would like her Fuck Toy to explain to his
Mistress what her Slave thought the items were. She said Ok, she would
humor her slave a minute longer, to tell her what the items were. Still
using polite speech, I said those items only had one use, and that was to
torture the male slave’s cock and balls. I asked her if it was her
intention to use those items on her Fuck Toy when we were downstairs
together. She said she hadn’t thought about it, but now that she knew what
the items were used for, she wouldn’t rule it out as a possible punishment
for misbehaving.

    I asked her if she would like her Fuck Toy to demonstrate how those
items were used. She said to go ahead, and released my wrists. I first
demonstrated the cage that was used to trap the cock and balls, with the
cock pulled back and pushed down between the two balls, Then the cage was
tightly strapped in front and behind to the belt. This made it
excruciatingly painful if the slave were to get an erection. But it still
allowed urination, although it was very messy. I let her strap it on me, to
see if she would actually try to get me excited while I wore it. When she
had it in place and strapped tightly, she seemed upset by its function. She
quickly removed it and threw it back in the drawer.

    I then showed her the device that trapped the balls tightly and
squeezed them. I told her it could be tightened to cause immediate severe
pain, or could be left relatively loose. In that case, the balls would soon
begin to ache, and the pain would get worse over a matter of an hour or so,
until it was excruciating for the slave. She put it on per my directions,
and tightened it until she saw me wince. She tightened it more, until I was
gasping and groaning, and left it in place. Then she told me to stop
whining and explain the cock rings. Fighting the pain, I explained how a
ring was fit snugly over a flaccid cock, then caused extreme pain when the
slave was given an erection. I told her that the ring also made it hard to
get rid of an erection after it was achieved, because it trapped blood in
the penis.

    She had me try them on until I found one that was a snug fit. I said
that her slave recommended this ring. She said to remove it and replace it
with the next smaller ring. That ring was so tight on my cock, it was hard
to get on. When I had finally worked it over the head of the cock, she
brushed my hands aside, grabbed my cock at the head, and pulled hard,
making my limp cock longer and narrower. She quickly pushed the ring all
the way to the base of the cock. Smiling at me, she said, “See how easy
that was?”

    She reattached my wrists to the manacles on my thighs, told me I was
under formal speech rules, knelt in front of me, and started giving me a
blowjob. In no time she had me hard, and it hurt like hell. As soon as I
was rock hard, she stopped stimulation me and stood up. “The slave will
definitely receive more of this treatment downstairs,” she said. She stood
back and looked at my cock for awhile, then said, “You were right, Fuck
Toy, it does make your erection last. Perhaps it would allow you to fuck
your Mistress longer if you always wore this ring, or perhaps the next
smaller sized ring.”

    She then grabbed my stiff cock with her hand, and began walking around
the room, pulling me after her. I had little choice but to follow her. The
mural room was not large, so she was limited to walking me in circles.
After making 3 circles, she stopped and pressed her body against me, still
firmly gripping my cock. She gave me a long, passionate kiss, then asked me
how it felt to be kissed while she had control of my cock. I told her it
made her Fuck Toy feel very submissive and under his Mistress’ control,
just what she had said she felt like when I held her labia.

    She said she needed to know how the devices I wore would affect my
performance, so she was going to finish the blowjob now. She knelt and
began working on me again. Surprisingly, my cock got even harder, and the
pain in both my cock and my balls became severe. I was groaning, but I was
determined I would not speak again without permission. At one point she
cupped her hand under my balls and lightly slapped them. When she did that,
I couldn’t hold back my tears, and she stopped the slapping when she
noticed. She worked on me slowly with her lips and tongue for nearly 20
minutes, and then I finally exploded in her mouth. I felt a lot more pain
than pleasure at the orgasm.

    Rather than swallowing my cum as she usually did, she kept a mouthful.
My cock was still spurting when she stood up, put her arm around my neck,
put her lips to mine, and pushed the cum from her mouth into mine. She
immediately broke the kiss and told me not to swallow until I was given
permission. Then she went back to my cock with her hand and began stroking
me, trying to get me to ejaculate as long as I could. When I had no more to
give, she kept her hold on my cock. She said she was impressed that I was
still maintaining my erection and it was obvious my Mistress would get more
use out her Slave’s cock if it wore this ring. She stood and watched my
cock for a number of minutes, tapping it occasionally, and then asked if I
would like another blowjob right now. I shook my head No, and she smiled.
She dropped her pants, pulled out the tampon, and leaned against the
console. Smiling, she said, “In that case, Fuck Toy, live up to your name
and fuck your Mistress hard and long, right now.”

    I walked up to her and slipped my cock into her pussy. When I started
stroking, the pain in both my cock and my balls was intense. My cock seemed
super sensitive to the friction between us, but instead of a pleasant
feeling it was very painful. I felt like the cock ring was cutting into my
cock, and wondered how long I could do this without tearing or cutting my
skin. She told me to go faster, and then the agony in my balls overwhelmed
everything else.

    As my balls were slammed back and forth by the action of my hips, the
clamp was causing agonizing pains to shoot through my whole crotch. I
glanced at her face and saw that she knew how much pain I was in, but she
was not going to let me stop until I came again. It was nearly 30 minutes
until I could come, and when I did it was the worst pain I have ever felt.
I cried out, or perhaps it was a scream. The pain shot through my body each
time my cock throbbed in ejaculation. Unmoved by my agony, she said it was
for sure that her Fuck Toy would be wearing this equipment for most, if not
all, of its training session. Then she smiled at me and told me I had been
a good boy, and I could now swallow my cum.

    She had been holding me by my hips while I fucked her. She looked at my
face and told me I could raise my eyes and look up at my Mistress now. We
held one another’s gaze for nearly a minute, then she put both her arms
around my neck and kissed me long and hard. She finally broke the kiss,
then freed my wrists, stepped back, removed her blouse and shoes, and
thanked me for permitting this trial run. I didn’t want to say anything I
would later regret, but I wanted to give her a sense of my immediate
reaction. I pointed to my cum she had pumped on the floor, and said, “Get
on your knees and lick that up.” She immediately kneeled down and started
licking the floor.

    I told her to give me the key to open my bonds, and she stopped licking
the floor long enough to offer to remove them for me. I told her to shut
up, give me the key, and remain on her knees until I returned. I went next
door to the bathroom and immediately removed the clamp squeezing my balls.
That made them hurt even worse. My cock was still much too engorged to
remove the ring. I removed all the bonds, then got in the shower and turned
on the cold water. It was a shock, but eventually my cock went limp enough
that I could force the ring off. I got out of the shower and towelled off,
then sat on the edge of the tub trying to think of what I should say to

    After awhile, I went back to the mural room and threw the bonds and
torture devices in the drawer. Carrie waited on her knees with her eyes
downcast. I asked her why the hell I would ever agree to 24 hours as her
slave, after what she had just shown me in only a few minutes? Keeping her
eyes downcast, she said she had wanted to give me an honest idea how she
would behave as my Mistress. Then she got bolder, and asked me if I would
have preferred that she felt my muscles and then told me how much she
looked forward to being fucked by her Fuck Toy. I told her I wasn’t in the
mood for humour. She said she was totally serious when she said she wanted
me to experience all the things I had done to her. She added that she was
not trying to get pay back or revenge, and she had told me the whole truth
when she said she wanted us to re-experience what we had gone through
together, only from the other person’s point of view.

    I asked her why she had cock and ball torture gear, and why she hadn’t
shown that to me before. I told her it looked like she was trying to trick
me into this 24-hour scenario, then stick it to me. She said that wasn’t
true, she was being truthful that she just bought a bunch of bondage gear,
and those things were included. She could tell it was all male stuff, so
she had no use for it, and threw it in the drawer with the spare
restraints. She said that if I hadn’t brought it up here, and then offered
to model it for her, it would have stayed in the drawer forever. I asked
her if she would use it again if we went through with the role reversal.
She said she would never put the basket back on me, it was stupid. But she
would use the ball clamp and cock ring, perhaps for the full 24 hours. Then
she said that she would also use the nipple clamps, vibrators and dildoes
on me, would flog me, would punish me with a crop or whip for any errors or
disobedience, and that the only food I would get during the 24 hours would
be the secretions from her pussy, my own cum, plus whatever she decided to
put in my stomach through a hose. Then she asked if her intentions were
clear now.

    I told her there was no way now that I would grant her request. I
expected her to plead with me, but all she said was that she was sorry it
looked like she was trying to trick me, and she would understand if I
refused her request. I saw that she had cleaned the floor, so I told her to
get up, it was time for bed. She asked me if I wanted to take the drawer
back to the basement, and I said No, we would just leave it there for now.
She smiled at me and jumped to her feet.

    I went into the bedroom and crawled into bed. She followed me, and said
very meekly that she needed to use the toilet and shower, and she needed a
new tampon. I told her she didn’t need me for any of that, to go dispose of
the used tampon, then do whatever she wanted to, but I was going to sleep.
She said I was wrong, she did need me, and she stood in the middle of the
room with tears flowing down her cheeks. I said that my balls ached and I
probably wouldn’t be able to use my cock without pain for weeks, and she
did that to me in less than an hour. Why should I give a shit if she had to
use the toilet, and why would I ever agree to let her do that to me again
for 24 hours? She said there was no reason, except that I loved her and she
had asked me to.

    Cursing, I got out of bed and led her by the arm into the bathroom. I
told her to sit down and do what she needed to do. She sat, then put her
arms out to me and asked me to kiss her. I said I should go find a
clothespin and put it on her clit, after an hour she would have an idea how
I felt. She said she would gladly submit to that if that was her Master’s

    I knelt in front of her, took her hands, and told her I thought the
idea was for each of us to re-experience our shared training experiences,
only from the other person’s point of view. She agreed that was the idea. I
then asked her if she could refresh my memory, because I couldn’t remember
ever attaching torture devices to her labia or clit. “And yet you just
threatened to put a clothespin on my clit,” she said.

    “I’m angry with you,” I said. “I’ve never tortured your clit, and have
no intention of torturing you at all. I wasn’t threatening you, I was
saying that was what you deserved. Why did you do that to me?”

    “Because you wanted me to,” she answered.

    “I hated it, Carrie. It hurt like hell. How could you think I would
like that done to me?”

    “I didn’t say you liked it, I said you wanted me to do it. If you
didn’t want to experience those devices, why did you show me what they were
and how to use them?”

    “Because I thought you already knew what they were, and you were trying
to get me into the basement for 24 hours and use them on me, and I wanted
you to admit that. By the way, you now say that is exactly what you would
do if I were stupid enough to let you. Do you know that wearing those
devices for 24 hours might cause serious damage to both my cock and my
balls? Don’t you care? I thought you were getting some regular use out of
my cock.” She said of course she cared, and she didn’t want to cause me any

    I pointed out that she was a submissive, but I was not, and everything
I experienced during the “trial run,” as she called it, was unpleasant for
me. She asked if having my cock sucked and fucking her was unpleasant. I
told her that both had been unpleasant this time, because it hurt to have
an erection, it hurt like hell to come, and it hurt like hell to have to
fuck her for 30 minutes wearing those devices. I told her she had my balls
in agony for nearly an hour, and that is possibly the worst pain a man can
experience. She lowered her eyes and said she was sorry.

    She paused, and then asked if I would consider a 24-hour role reversal
if the ball clamp and cock ring were not included. I told her I was
considering it seriously until she tortured me, now I had doubts I could
trust her. She said I could trust her, all she wanted was for us to share
one another’s experiences, to remove the barriers between us caused by her
being submissive and me being dominant. I asked her if that difference
between us wasn’t the thing that brought us together and let us discover
our mutual love.

    She said everything I had said was true, but didn’t I also think that
seeing our relationship from the other side would be a good thing? I
thought for a few seconds, and had to admit it would be good. She asked if
that meant I would agree to the 24 hours, and I said I wasn’t ready to
agree, but I wasn’t saying No. She thanked me, and offered to submit to any
painful or unpleasant thing I would like to do to her. I pointed out that
she had been with me in the basement when I threw away all of her sex toys
that had no use other than torturing the female body, so how could she ask
me now if I wanted to torture her? She said it would only be fair, since I
felt that she tortured me.

    I said what she did to me was torture, and I wondered why it didn’t
seem to her that she had tortured me. She said she knew she was hurting me,
but she thought she was helping me to experience something new, and
probably scary, and that was her goal, not torture. She said I knew I was
hurting her when I hit her with the flog or punished her with the crop, why
didn’t I consider that to be torture? I admitted she was right, it was the
same thing, and for sure she had helped me experience something new and
scary. She said it was entirely up to me, but she could assure me that the
next time it wouldn’t be so scary, and I might begin to find pleasure with
the pain.

    I asked her if she was saying I should consider letting her use those
devices on me again? Again she said it was entirely up to me what we did,
or if we did anything at all. But from my responses, during the time she
was doing what I call torture, she thought I needed to experience it again.
We could set strict limits on how the devices were used, and for how long,
and she promised to follow any guidelines we decided on. I looked at her
for a long time, and said Ok, but I still wouldn’t have a final answer
until the day before. She kissed me and thanked me.

    She then asked me if, aside from the torture devices, didn’t I find a
lot of what she did to me unexpected, scary, and exciting? I said
practically everything she had done could be described like that. She said
that was perfect, that was exactly how she felt during her first few days
with me in the organization’s training room. She said even after it is no
longer unexpected, total submission is still a little scary and very
exciting, and she wanted me to feel that also.

    She asked me to please come into the shower with her, and she would
prove to me that I was still functional, and she promised I would feel only
pleasure, not pain. I said No, and she said she was asking me because she
loved me and wanted to make up for hurting me. She said this was important
to her, and she would beg for it on her knees if I wanted to humiliate her.
I said I doubted that it would be painless, but I would let her try. She
kissed me and thanked me, then jumped up and led me to the shower. I
stopped her before we got under the water, and told her she would not come
again until I gave her permission, and it might be a very long time before
that permission was given. She lowered her eyes and said, “Yes, Master,
your Slave will obey.”

    She was true to her word. Gently and carefully, she got me hard with
her mouth, then slowly fucked me. When I sensed I was about to come, the
memory of the pain I had felt the last time made me try to pull away from
her. But she held me and told me it would be all right, she would take care
of me. Other than feeling like I had come one too many times already today,
the sensation was very pleasant and pain free.

    When we were ready to go to bed, she asked if I would restrain her. I
asked her if she really wanted to continue doing that, and she said it was
more important than ever tonight. After her brief role-playing as my
mistress, it was important that she be submissive for the next few days.
She said it was not up to her to tell her Master how to behave, but it
might also be wise if her Master was more controlling than usual for a few
days. That way both of us would reinforce our normal roles and avoid
possible confusion. I tied her on her back in bed. When I was lying next to
her, I stimulated her breasts and clit until she asked me to fuck her. I
then told her she was under formal speech rules until told otherwise,
rolled away from her, and turned off the lights.

    As I was trying to get to sleep, I realized that I didn’t want to leave
things like this, so I rolled back over, put my hand on her breast, and
told her I was sorry. I said I was still angry over what she had done, and
it was causing me to treat her more severely than I should. She would be
kept under formal speech rules for awhile, but I was rescinding the ban on
orgasms. Then I moved my hand to her pussy, caressed her clit, and told her
to cum. Of course she came at once. I kissed her on the lips, told her
Good Night, and went to sleep with my hand on her breast.

    When Philip made his appearance the next morning, Carrie remembered not
to speak. I told Philip the Slave had been commanded to silence, and asked
him to please prepare the usual breakfast for both of us, and we would be
in the dining room about 7:30. As Philip was leaving, he looked at Carrie,
and she smiled at him. I released her from the bed and led her to the
bathroom, where I refused to kneel in front of her while she used the
toilet. When it was my turn, she immediately knelt before me and put her
hands on my thighs. I sat and looked at her, but made no move to touch her.
Soon a tear fell from her eye. I told her I wasn’t sure if she was my
Slave, or playing another role, but either way she was to stand up and face
the wall, I didn’t care to see her tears. She stood and turned away from

    When we had both used the bidet, I clipped her wrists together behind
her back, then had her to take me to where she had left her house wear and
heels. With her properly dressed, I asked her if the designer of her
learning machine had given her any papers to describe how he had built it.
She answered formally that he had given her a schematic, listings of the PC
program, and a parts list. She told me where they were, in a drawer in the
basement. I put her in the Waiting Pose and went to get the material. It
occurred to me to wonder why I was interested in that machine at this time,
but something told me I shouldn’t think about the reason now. In the
basement, I saw that she had organized everything associated with building
and furnishing the basement, and it was easy to find what she had on the
learning machine. I brought it upstairs and left it in the bedroom, then
led Carrie to breakfast.

    After she was properly seated, I told her I was sure she wanted me to
feed her, therefore she would feed herself instead. I unclipped her wrists
and told her to begin eating. She smiled at me, and we both ate breakfast
in silence. When breakfast was finished, I led her back to the bedroom,
where I pushed her face-first onto the bed. Without using any lubrication,
I forced my way into her ass and began pounding her. She soon began coming
every few seconds. When I came, I stopped moving and lay on top of her for
a few minutes. I was resting my whole body on hers, and I knew she must be
uncomfortable. She had said she wanted to be controlled, and that was what
she would get today. After I had recovered my breath, I rolled off of her
and told her to suck my cock. I had not refastened her wrists after
breakfast, and that made it easier for her to kneel and put her mouth over
my cock. I still had not recovered fully from last night, but she was very
gentle and careful, and had me on the verge of orgasm again in about 15

    I suddenly commanded her to get off of the bed and go to the bathroom.
I followed her, and told her to kneel. Then I masturbated in front of her,
and covered her hair, face and breasts with my cum. When I was finished, I
clipped her wrists together behind her back, and told her not to move until
I returned for her. She looked at me, smiled, and silently mouthed “Thank
you, Master.”

    While I kept Carrie waiting, I found Philip and told him we would set
out on our walk before lunch today. I asked him to fix us 2 sandwiches, put
them in the six-pack cooler along with two diet colas, and have it and the
full canteen on the table by the side door at 10:00. I also told him that
Carrie might prefer that he not see how she was dressed when we left. Then
I went back to my Slave.

    Carrie was waiting as I had commanded. My cum had dried on her face and
breasts. I told her to get up, it was time for her aerobic exercises. She
got to her feet, and I led her to the exercise room. I attached the leash
to her collar, then freed her hands. While she put on her shoes and socks,
I told her not to touch herself with her hands, I didn’t want her to mess
up the designs I had made on her body. After attaching the leash to the
rear of the elliptical trainer, I told her to start warming up. I walked to
the front of the machine, sat on the floor, and watched her. I told her
that cum looked good on her, I would let her wear it more often. She smiled
at me. After she had warmed up and stretched, she started her exercise. I
told her I didn’t want her to talk to me non-stop during her exercise today.
After waiting for the disappointed look I knew she would give me, I said I
had another approach we would follow today.

    I told her I still would not give her an answer on the role reversal
question until the day before we had scheduled it, but I wanted to talk
through it now, while she exercised. We would both say all we had to say,
then we would not speak of it again until I gave her my decision. She
nodded, then I told her she was on informal speech rules, to make her case.
she asked me if I would first tell her what my reservations were. I said
that was easy, I knew I would hate it, and I wasn’t sure I could trust her
not to do me harm. She asked what else, and I said that was it. She said
there was at least one more reason, and she wanted to hear me say it. I
looked at her silently for a long moment, then I said “I’m afraid. I’m
afraid I’ll like being submissive, I’m afraid you’ll like being dominant,
I’m afraid our partnership will be damaged, and I’m afraid to submit to
your control. Is that what you wanted me to say?”

    “Yes, Master,” she said. “Do you remember when we met in the waiting
room at the organization, and I told you I was afraid? Do you remember what
you told me?”

    “I told you we would give you cause for fear. Is that what you’re
telling me, Carrie, that you want to make me afraid? I thought you wanted
me to agree to this.”

    “Fear is not necessarily bad, Master. What matters is how you respond
to fear. When I walked into your training room, I knew nothing about you, I
only had a vague idea what would be done to me, but I was sure the first
steps in my training would be to terrorize me and make me think I had
walked into hell. Fear doesn’t begin to describe how I felt the first few
hours we were together. But I overcame my fear, and now I’m exactly where I
want to be, with the man I love and belong to.

    “You know me very well, and you know you can trust me. You’re just
using that as an excuse, because I surprised you with the level of control
I was willing to impose on you last night. You also know what I will do to
you while I control you. No, you don’t know exactly what I will do, neither
do I. But you know the range of treatment you will receive. If I could walk
into that room not having any idea how I would be treated, you can do it
when you have a very good idea how I will treat you.

    Your strongest reason to refuse, Master, was your first one. If you
know now that you will hate acting submissive, you should refuse my
request. I want you to experience slave training from the point of view of
a willing submissive, someone who is eager to obey and learn, as I was. And
I want to experience it as a dominant trainer, as you did. If we can’t do
that, we won’t have the sharing of experience I want for us, and this will
all be a waste of time. And don’t fear that you will want to stay
submissive and I will want to stay dominant. That won’t happen, and I think
you know that both of us are what we want to be right now.”

    I said, “Let’s talk about the ball clamp and cock ring. My conditions
are that both will not be applied at the same time, and neither will be
left on longer than an hour. Once either is removed, whether or not it was
applied for a full hour, neither will be used again for two hours. Also,
the ball clamp will not be tightened beyond the first point that I feel
pain. After an hour at that setting, I’ll be feeling plenty of pain, if
that is your goal. You will use the cock ring that I originally selected,
and not the next smaller size you chose instead. Do you accept those

    “Yes, Master,” she said. “Do you wish to impose any limitations on my
use of vibrators and the nipple clamps?” I told her the nipple clamps would
never be tightened more than necessary to keep them from falling off, and
pointed out that was how I had used them on her.

    “How about flogging and whipping, Master?” I said I would trust her not
to flog me harder than I normally flogged her, and to use a crop rather
than a whip for punishment, and then only when a rule was broken or a
command was disobeyed. She said she agreed to everything.

    I told her that what she had agreed to was a binding agreement between
us, as important as our partnership. She asked if that meant I was agreeing
to submit to her control. I said she would still not get my answer until
next Friday afternoon. We would not speak of this again until then, and in
the meantime we would try to forget the subject, and live our lives as we
had before the subject came up. She said she agreed.

    I had not been watching the time carefully, and I now saw that she had
exercised 5 minutes too long. I told her to start her cool down. She asked
if she could please stay on informal speech rules. I said she could, but if
she brought up the subject of our role reversal again, she would be on
formal speech until next Friday. She thanked me.


9 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 26

  1. Did not enjoy this chapter at all…her reasoning is flawed…he already told her that most of what was done while they were with the organization was wrong and not going to happen again. She seemed to enjoy seeing him in such pain. If the following chapters continue like this, I may have to stop reading.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. There are some chapters about 5 of them I didn't like at all Cat. There are plot turns of role reversals I don't like at all. Maybe you should skip a few chapters, see if you like how the story goes on?

    It gets better, I promise.



  3. What happend to a “one”
    When we are in charge of the “one”?
    How can a “one” who loves another “one” use a torture?
    I said it before, she need medical help.
    Reading this chapter want me never ever try D / s .. If this is what D / s is ..

    Behind D / s like thiis, are hiding many sick people ..
    In reggret I read it.
    No I will be uppset for hours.
    How, can they treat eachother like tthis and call it love ??????
    What is wrong with them? Ni if one of them was is masochist ..

    Mona Lisa


  4. I understand what you mean. One of the nice things about this story is that is doesn't avoid real conflicts. He trusted her with giving control over his body, trusted her not to take “revenge” and now he is hurt because she did betray his trust in her. Or so he felt. But did he not betray her trust in him a few chapters before as you pointed out at the time?

    He did, she did. They are just a normal couple struggling trough what to do and not to do at the beginning of a relationship.

    To be honest I was a little hurt to belong with the sick people. I do not consider myself (mentally) sick. I don't think either Wanita or myself need medical help.
    It is however a healthy, normal reaction and I have heard it from some people before. And I understand because it is so hard to explain. It's more about feelings and how do you explain feelings, Mona Lisa.

    So if the story upsets you, you might want to skip reading the rest of the many, many chapters to come. However if you do read on there will be some things you will like. And some things that will upset you.

    I always appreciate your point of view,


  5. I am sorry, Han, you were hurts by My words.
    Very sorry. I am very sad because of it. You and Wanita ate lady people I want hurts. Never in My life.

    My words were never mean for you and Wanita.
    My words were for people who like torture each other and call it for love. My words were for them who have needs to hurts them selves or others to that point that we are talking about torture and are hiding in a BDSM name.
    I am Sire, you will never use learning machine on Wanita and she will nevernuse cock torture on you, as Carrir did. Wothout safeword.
    It was never on my mind to hurt you, or Wanita.
    Please, forgive me, if I did it unconsciously.


  6. Don't worry Mona Lisa, don't worry I know you mean well. It is just that this story was an important point in our marriage, and we did copy a lot of things about it. And some things we would never do of course. I would never torture Wanita and she would not torture me either.

    But I was scared to try role reversal, just like Bill is in the story. So Bill and I have some things in common and I remember that changing roles did give me a whole new perspective on what I did with Wanita.

    So no need at all to apologize, and ALWAYS say what you think. I like it that you say what you think, and I know you mean well.

    There is a Dutch saying that says: Zand erover, that means all was said is forgotten.

    Zand erover,



  7. I find it a strong point in the story, that the dominant himself experiences what he does/did to the submissive.

    Just the opinion of somebody who is lacking any experience of the lifestyle.



  8. Like I said it is scary to reverse roles, and it needs trust. And it makes you understand what you ask of some one if you have to do it yourself.

    I value your opinion Appy, no experience needed, just common sense.



  9. I am not sure where i stand on this chapter…except that it came as a surprise to me….and to Bill too. I guess it has showed me that i would not make a good Mistress…..and i am not convinced that a little bit of revenge came into play.
    hugs abby


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