A posture collar is a rigid collar used in BDSM and fetish play that is wide enough to restrict movement of the neck. Posture collars help in maintaining posture, keeping the chin high and the neck extended. Posture collars typically flare widely at the front to reach from the chin to the collarbone, preventing the wearer from hanging their head or looking downward.

On Etsy you will find some wonderful examples of such a collar. I like this one very much:

This one is obvisouly made of leather by Ophelia Rose. It’s doesn’t chafe or cuts the chin like some steel boned posture collars will do.
Another one I like so much is this one made of lace:

It looks so elegant and is made by Olga and sold on Etsy.

Or this one, made by the somewhat frightening name of Asphyxia couture.

Did I say I simply love the posture collar, as Carrie is wearing in Training Carrie?


8 thoughts on “Posture collar

  1. It's something I could definitely use, the only problem is I can't stand anything close to my neck. Very rarely do I even wear a necklace. I think I must have been hung or strangled in a former life.


  2. It is very, very sexy. Did I tell you it was sexy? From a dominant POV it is… Well.
    There are some things that do pose a little problem. One if you cannot freely move your head your muscles get cramped. Two: The problem you mentioned, some people get claustrophobia from a tight thing around the neck. Three: the cheap ones have steel linings that cut in your chin.

    But otherwise… Did I say it was sexy?



  3. They are all beautiful…especially the black lace. The corset style would be prettier in a different fabric/print. I could definitely use one of these to help with my posture but ugh…could be painful. 😉 Thanks for sharing.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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