novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 72


    “Freezing cold, sticky ice cream, all over your body, and tongues
everywhere,” Carrie said. “I’m dying to see it from the licker’s point of
view, I’ve always been the lickee.”

    “It also means your first orgasms of the evening, Char.” I said. “But
they will be under my strict control. You will cum when, and only when, I
tell you to. The more obedient you are, the more times you will cum.

    “I understand, William,” she said. “I’ll do my very best to obey. I
want to give you control of my orgasms, but I’m afraid I’ll fail and
disappoint you. You and Carrie, I mean.”

    I sent Carrie to get Char’s collar, the blindfold, and ropes to secure
her to the chair. While she was gone, I tried to give Char a pep talk.
“You have the strength to do this, Char, you’ve proven it by wearing the
nipple clips and butt plug this long without coming. Be strong, control
your body, and give that control to me. The test I’m going to give you
tonight is easy, and it should be enjoyable for you. Don’t turn it into an
unpleasant trial. Enjoy what’s happening to you, accept the pleasure
you’re given, and control yourself according to my directions.”

    Char straightened up, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I will obey
you, no matter what, William.” I gave her a big smile, then kissed her.

    Carrie returned with the collar, ropes, and blindfold, then I sent her
to the kitchen for a bowl of ice cream. I removed Char’s plate and
utensils from her chair, but left the napkin covering the chair seat. I
sat Char down, then removed her nipple clips. She sighed as each clip was
removed. “They must have been hurting you,” I said.

    “A little,” she said. I proceeded to tie her ankles and wrists to the
chair, then put on her collar and secured it to the chair back. I kissed
her tenderly on the lips, told her again to be strong, then blindfolded

    When Carrie returned with the ice cream, I asked her if she had
anything she wanted to say to her sister before we started. She brushed
Char’s lips with hers, then whispered “Enjoy and obey.”

    “Char, we’re about to begin the ice cream torture,” I said. Char
forced a smile. She was afraid she was going to fail at whatever it was I
expected from her. “Listen carefully, here are the conditions for your
first two orgasms.” She turned her head to face where she thought I was
standing. “First, you will cum when you feel a tongue on your right
nipple. Not your breast, not your areola, but your nipple.” I touched her
right nipple with my finger. “Char, repeat the conditions for your first

    “I will cum when I feel a tongue on my right nipple, William,” she
said. “Not my breast, not my areola, but on my right nipple.”

    “Very good,” I told her. “Second, you will cum when you feel a tongue
on your clit. I assume I don’t have to touch you there, you’ll know when
your clit is touched. Char, repeat the conditions for your second orgasm.”
She repeated what I had just told her.

    “If you are successful, and cum only as I’ve commanded the first two
times, your third and subsequent orgasms will occur whenever I tell you to
cum. Each time, you’ll have 30 seconds to cum, after you hear my command.
Do you understand?” She repeated what I had told her.

    “We’re starting now, Char,” I said, and dropped a small blob of ice
cream above her left breast, just below her collar bone. She jerked when
the cold ice cream first contacted her skin, then groaned because I had
started with her left breast, not her right. She knew she would have to
withstand intense stimulation of both breasts, before a tongue contacted
her right nipple.

    I drew an imaginary line in the air above Char’s skin, half way down
her left breast, to let Carrie know how far the ice cream could run. Then
I stood back and let Carrie have the first lick. She waited until the ice
cream had crept down to that line, then slowly licked a clean swath back
up to Char’s collar bone. Char was sighing by the time Carrie finished.
When she had cleaned up the ice cream, Carrie gave Char a peck on the
cheek before straightening up, making Char smile. She was trying to make
it easy on Char, something I hadn’t expected. I grabbed her arm and pulled
her to me, and let her know with my facial expression that she wasn’t to
do that again. She lowered her eyes and nodded, then she gave me a peck on
my cheek. I could only smile.

    I gave Char a small spoonful of ice cream, which seemed to delight
her. She rolled it around in her mouth a long time, trying to extract all
of the taste she could. I waited until she had swallowed it and thanked
me, then I made another deposit on her skin, half way down her left
breast. This time it was my turn, but before the ice cream started to run,
I licked Char’s left breast. I first made a wide circle around her nipple
with my tongue, then licked the underside of her breast. She was gasping
and breathing rapidly when I stopped. “Obey,” I whispered, and she nodded
her head. I took her hand in mine and squeezed, and she squeezed back.

    Carrie punched me in the arm, then whispered in my ear, “How come you
can cheat, but I can’t?”

    “Because he’s our master?” Char offered. Carrie and I laughed, and
Char smiled. She had good hearing.

    “Because I want her to succeed, just as you do. So it’s Ok, you can
cheat, too.” I said out loud to Carrie. She kissed me on the cheek again.

    The ice cream had begun to run down Char’s breast, so I got busy. I
identified the trails that had no chance of reaching her nipple, and began
licking them up. The one I left alone did reach her nipple, and I waited
for the first drop to drip off. I caught it with my tongue before it
dropped onto her leg, then I gently touched my tongue to her nipple. She
shuddered, but didn’t cum. I licked around her areola, cleaning up the ice
cream, then followed its trail back to the location of the original blob.
When she was clean, I again gave her a sloppy, broad-tongue lick on her
nipple. She shuddered again, but survived. “Excellent, you’re my good
girl. We’re almost there,” I said, not bothering to whisper any more. She
grinned and thanked me.

    I let Char have another spoonful of ice cream, which she savoured as
much as the first one, then I put a small dab above her right breast. She
jumped again when she felt the cold on her skin. Her hands were clenched
tightly, she was struggling to control her body. “The control you need
doesn’t come from your hands, Char,” I told her, “it comes from your mind.
You will have better control if you can relax your body.” She unclenched
her hands, but her body remained tense.

    The ice cream had started to run, and Carrie moved to intercept it. I
pulled her back, indicating I would do this one. She smiled, realizing I
was going to let her give Char her first orgasm. Carrie kissed me quickly
on the lips, then I bent to the task of licking up the ice cream. I tried
to make it as slow and sexy as possible, but since my licking range was
from her collar bone to the top of her breast, I wasn’t able to tax her

    After feeding Char another bit of ice cream, I but a big dollop at the
top of her right breast, then stood back for Carrie. She was grinning ear
to ear as she watched the ice cream start to slowly melt. Char’s body was
trembling in anticipation.

    Carrie stood and watched as the ice cream slowly worked its way down
Char’s breast. She continued to do nothing, until finally a drop ran off
the breast and dripped onto Char’s thigh. Carrie licked it up, then she
returned to Char’s breast. Like I had done, she cleaned up all of the
traces that were going down the sides of the breast. Then she cut the flow
at the top of Char’s areola, and cleaned up all of the ice cream above
that point.

    Char’s body was shaking badly, and her breath was coming is short,
shallow gasps. Ignoring the small amount of ice cream still covering
Char’s areola above her nipple, Carrie said, “Here it is, Sweetie,” and
touched Char’s nipple with the tip of her tongue. Char and Carrie came at
the same time. Carrie’s orgasm was quiet and gentle, but Char’s was not.
She cried out, and arched her back so much that her ass came completely
off of the seat, despite the fact that she was secured to the chair at her
neck, wrists, and ankles.

    After about 10 seconds, Char settled back onto the chair seat. Carrie
immediately moved in and began licking Char’s breast again, not so much to
clean off the remaining ice cream, but more to prolong Char’s orgasm. Char
was still in the throes of her orgasm, her body spasming almost
continuously, but still she thanked me for permitting her to cum.

    “It was my pleasure to give that permission, Char,” I said. “I’m very
proud of you, and extremely pleased with your obedience.” Char was smiling
ear to ear, and I gave her an additional reward of a large spoonful of ice
cream in her mouth. “We’re going to pause a few minutes now, to let you
rest and recover. Just relax, Carrie and I will be back with you shortly.”
Still savouring her ice cream and her orgasm, she nodded.

    I took Carrie by the arm and led her to our bedroom. Releasing her
arm, I turned to face her. She didn’t know what I was planning, so she
stood with her eyes downcast, waiting for me to tell her. I said, “I’ve
decided that I like you on your knees at my feet, so I want it to become a
regular thing. And frankly, I’m curious how long it will take you to get
tired of doing it. From now on, any time I snap my fingers you will kneel
before me and kiss my feet. Use the exact technique you showed me earlier
today in the kitchen. I want total, instant submission, do you

    Carrie was trembling. “I understand, William,” she said in a whisper.
“Thank you for this privilege, I’ll never get tired of demonstrating my
submission to you.”

    I snapped my fingers, and Carrie dropped to her knees, crossing her
wrists behind her back as she knelt. The instant her knees hit the carpet,
she bent at the waist and hovered over my left foot, her lips an inch
away. She slowly covered that inch, until her lips made the faintest
contact with my foot. As before, I felt her body heat as much as her
touch. After pausing a few seconds, she repeated the motion on my other
foot, then rested her forehead on the floor between my feet.

    As I stood looking down at her, I saw that she was still trembling
slightly, barely breathing. I bent over her and inserted two fingers into
her soaking wet pussy, then turned my wrist and inserted my thumb in her
ass. She moaned softly. After a few seconds I said “Cum.” She gasped as
her body was wracked by a strong orgasm. Her pussy and asshole grasped at
my fingers and thumb, it felt like she was trying to pull me into her.

    I held her with my thumb and fingers until the tremors in her body
began to fade. I slowly pulled out of her, patted her on the ass, and
said, “Stay.” Then I went to the bathroom and washed my hands.

    Returning to the bedroom, I stood before Carrie. “Stand,” I said
quietly, and she immediately rose to her feet. Her wrists were still
crossed behind her back, and she stood with her head held high, as if she
was wearing the posture collar. I held my arms out and said, “Come to me,
my perfect slave.” She raised her eyes to meet mine, uncrossed her wrists,
and flowed into my arms. Without looking down, she took my cock in her
hand and guided it into her pussy, just as our bodies pressed together.

    I smiled at her. “How did you know I wanted to be inside you just
now?” I asked.

    She barely smiled. “Was I wrong, Master?” she asked softly. I shook my
head, then we shared a long, passionate kiss. Carrie had several small,
quiet orgasms, just to let me know the effect I was having on her.

    After a long time, I forced myself to pull my lips from hers. “We have
to finish Char’s test,” I said. Then I looked over at Carrie’s spanking
chair. “Position your chair in front of the mirror. When the three of us
return here, Char is going to spank you, and then give you a mild

    Carrie said, “She’ll spank me, she doesn’t mind that. But she really
doesn’t want to use any hardware, like the flog. If I’d been through what
she’s been through, I’d probably feel the same way.”

    “I understand her feelings,” I said. “Nevertheless she is going to
administer your floggings from now on. She doesn’t have to like it, she
just has to do it.” I looked Carrie in the eyes. “It might be painful for
you tonight, I might have to do things I don’t want to do, to force Char’s

    “I’m yours, use me,” Carrie said. I gently pushed her away, and she
sighed as my cock pulled out of her pussy. She went to her chair and
positioned it as I had told her, then returned to me, smiling. She held
out her hand, and I took it in mine. “Char will be wondering where we
went,” she said. We returned to the dining room, hand in hand.

    When Char heard us, she said, “Did you two have fun?”

    “Not as much as you’re going to have,” Carrie said. “Are you ready for
orgasm number two?”

    Char said, “I’m relaxed, horny, and sure I’ll be able to control my
orgasms under William’s command.”

    “With a positive attitude like that, I’m sure you’ll pass with flying
colours,” I said. “We’re resuming your test now.”

    I picked up the bowl of ice cream, which had partially melted while
Carrie and I were away. Taking a spoonful, a mixture of partially frozen
and melted ice cream, I deposited it between Char’s breasts. It
immediately began running down her chest and onto her stomach. I swooped
in and intercepted the fastest stream, which was headed for her navel.
Then I leisurely licked up the rest, following the trail back up to her
breasts. When all of the ice cream was accounted for, I kissed and then
licked both of her nipples. She gasped, and her body trembled. “Obey,” I
reminded her, and she nodded her head.

    We put her through three more ice cream trials before we finally let
the ice cream run into her pussy. By this time she was panting and
moaning. Carrie and I had both given her words of encouragement, and I
reminded her of the pleasures still ahead of her, as long as she remained

    I took the first turn at cleaning the ice cream from her pussy. I let
most of it run out at the bottom of her labia, catching it before it
dripped onto the chair. Then I put my tongue into her and lapped up what I
could get, carefully avoiding her clit. When I stopped, she was whimpering
and begging to cum.

    I put the last spoonful of ice cream on her belly, just above her
vulva, and stood back to give Carrie access. As she knelt in front of the
chair, Carrie said, “This is it, sweetie, just a few more seconds.” Still
groaning and breathing heavily, Char nodded. Carrie didn’t want to prolong
Char’s torture. As soon as ice cream appeared at the bottom of her labia,
Carrie put her tongue deep into Char’s pussy. She lapped steadily up
toward the clit, then deliberately pressed the tip of her tongue against
Char’s engorged, ice cream coated clit.

    Char came immediately, but less violently than her first orgasm. Her
body was racked with spasms, but she remained seated in the chair. She
opened her mouth wide and produced something between a moan and a scream.
I noticed that her toes were tightly curled, and made a mental note to
watch if she always did that when she came.

    Carrie had also cum again, along with Char, and she continued to
tongue Char as both of their bodies shook and quivered from their orgasms.
I removed Char’s blindfold and released her wrists. She immediately looked
down and Carrie, then put both her hands on Carrie’s head. “You gave me
both of my orgasms, Carrie,” she said to Carrie, “thank you so much.”

    Carrie looked up at Char, and said, “No, Sweetie, William gave you
both of your orgasms. You’re under his control now, just as I am. Always
remember that. No matter whose tongue, lips, or fingers we feel when we
cum, it is always William who permits our orgasms. Now, please thank your
Master for giving you two wonderful orgasms.”

    Char looked up at me and thanked me. I leaned down and kissed her, and
told her again how pleased I was with her performance. I finished
releasing her from the chair, and told her she could sit and rest while
Carrie and I cleaned up the dinner dishes, but she asked if she could

    Char put her chair back at the table, then each of us cleaned up his
or her own dishes and carried them to the kitchen. When the dishwasher was
loaded and running, Carrie put her arms around Char from behind, and
asked, “Do you feel like we’re including you in our activities now, Char,
or do you still feel like an outsider?”

    Tears formed in Char’s eyes and ran down her cheeks. “I’ve never felt
more at home in my life,” she said through her tears. “You’re both
wonderful to me, I love you both.” Then she added, “Today has been so
eventful, it seems like a week since we got out of bed this morning. Is
every day going to be like this?”

    Carrie laughed. “Some days are more exciting than others, but every
day with William is an adventure.” she said.

    I asked Char if she was tired, and needed to rest or lie down. She
said, “I’m tired, William, but I don’t want to miss anything. I’m up for
anything you want me to do.” She gave me a sexy smile, and added, “Or
anything you want to do to me.” Her smile turned to a grin, then she said,
“Besides, I think I was promised at least one more orgasm, which I’m eager
to have, under your control.”

    “And so you shall,” I said. “But the next thing we’re going to do is
remove your butt plug. You’ve worn it long enough for your first time, we
don’t want that cute little ass to get sore.”

    Carrie and I held Char’s hands as we walked to the bathroom. I had
Char bend over and grasp the side of the bathtub. “This is going to hurt
worse than when I inserted it,” I warned her. Then I quickly pulled the
plug out of her ass, producing a squeal of pain from Char. Char
straightened up, and Carrie explained that she must wash the plug each
time it is removed from her, so it will always be clean and ready for its
next use.

    After Char cleaned the butt plug, we put her on the toilet and kissed
her on the mouth and breasts. As Char started to urinate, Carrie quickly
slipped her hand between Char’s legs and held her palm right in front of
her pussy. Char’s urine sprayed on Carrie’s hand and splashed back onto
her crotch. “That’s so kinky,” she told Carrie. I smiled, thinking of how
far Carrie had come. When I first met her, she was sexually repressed and
inexperienced. Now she was teaching me new sex techniques, fucking her own
sister, and letting her sister piss into her hand, among many other things
that some would consider kinky.

    After Char finished pissing, Carrie rubbed her piss-soaked hand all
over Char’s crotch, kissed her sister, then went and washed her hands.
When Char got up from the toilet, I told Carrie we should show Char how we
pissed together. Carrie raised the toilet seat, and we stood side by side
and pissed into the bowl. “Cool, show me how to do that, please Carrie,”
Char pleaded.

    “Sweetie, I’m going to show you everything. Just be patient,” Carrie
said. We held Char’s hands as she squatted over the bidet, then Carrie
thoroughly toweled her dry.

    I left my slaves in the bedroom while I went to fetch a bottle of wine
and some glasses. When I returned, they were locked in an embrace, kissing
passionately. They stopped kissing when I entered the room. “No, keep
going. I like to watch, remember?” I said. Carrie made oinking sounds,
causing Char to giggle, then they resumed kissing. I poured three glasses
of wine, then sat down with my glass and watched them kissing.

    After a few minutes, Carrie and Char separated and walked over to me,
smiling. I snapped my fingers, and Carrie dropped to her knees and kissed
my feet. Char was surprised, she stood with her mouth open, looking down
at her sister. When Carrie had kissed both of my feet and rested her
forehead on the floor, I told Char, “This is what we were discussing when
we left you alone after your first orgasm. Since Carrie enjoys doing this,
and I’m starting to like it too, we’ve made it a formalized behaviour. What
do you think?”

    “Should I do it, too?” Char asked.

    “Not unless you want to,” I answered. “I would never ask this of you
or Carrie, except Carrie enjoys doing it. But if you ever feel like
kissing my feet, go right ahead.” I handed Char her wine, saying, “Take a

    “May I wait for Carrie?” she asked.

    “That’s nice,” I told Char. “Carrie, please get up and take your wine,
so we can all share a drink.” Carrie stood and took the wine from me with
a smile. “To Char,” I toasted. Carrie echoed the toast, and Char grinned.
We all took a sip.

    I had Carrie and Char kneel in front of me, and we made small talk for
awhile. When we had each emptied our glass, I said, “Carrie, please take
your position for a spanking.”

    Carrie gave me a subtle smile, said “Yes, Sir,” and quickly stood up.
After putting her glass back on the table, she hurried to the low backed
chair and bent over it. She spread her legs and grasped the front edge of
the chair, then kept perfectly still.


6 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 72

  1. Have no clue as to what the urinating scene was all about…definitely not my cup of tea. Will continue to follow and see what other fantasies Mr. West has up his sleeve. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Still reading:)

    A ok chapter .
    Han , is this a man's fantasy to live with two women?
    I mean live.. With double of truble .. smile.
    No, I mean, to have a two women in bed .. that can I understand.
    My dad always said he deserve a medal for living with a my mom for 35 years. My mom always countered that she deserves two medals for having been able to live with Dad so long. Then laughed them and hugged each other..
    But two women????????
    Smile .
    Mona Lisa


  3. You are one of the few still reading I think. I can't blame you if you had stopped by now, it is a very, very long story. I cannot speak for all men. It sure is a lot of guys fantasy, I think Mona Lisa. Two women. AH.

    Two is company, three is a crowd.



  4. Still trying to catch up….I found it interesting that when Carrie pleaded Char's case about the flogging, Bill's reply was…she does not have to like, she has to do it….I have been waiting for those words to be said to Carrie.
    hugs abby


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