novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 80

 Wearing another new outfit, I came into the living room, sipping from
a Scotch on the rocks. I flopped on the couch and silently regarded the
women for a few minutes. Char looked at me with anger in her eyes, then
looked away. Carrie was still crying softly, until Char nudged her with
her elbow. Carrie tried to pull herself together, and after a few sniffles
she was quiet.

    I decided to take Char for a talk. I stood up and said, “Come with me,
Jeanne.” I pointed at Carrie, and said, “You, stay put.” Char rose to her
feet and followed me to the master bedroom. I closed the door, then turned
and put the glass of Scotch to her lips. “Take a big drink, you’ve earned
it,” I said.

    Char took the glass from my hand and upended it. “Or, you can have it
all, that works too,” I said.

    She handed me back the glass of ice. “You’re a son of a bitch,” she
said, “my half brother has nothing on you. You should go back to your old
job, you have a talent for cruelty.”

    “Don’t sugar coat it, Char, tell me what you really think,” I said. We
stared each other down for a long time, then I said, “Look, I don’t give a
shit what you think, your opinion of me is probably 10 points higher than
my own right now. Your part in this is almost over, except you get an hour
in bed with her after lunch. All I need to know is whether or not you’ll
keep up your end. If you don’t want to, tell me now and let me make other

    “How much more are you going to torture her?” Char said.

    “There’ll be more downstairs, but you won’t be in those scenes,” I

    “I told you I would be Carrie’s witness,” she said, still angry. “I
need to see everything you do to her, no matter how hard it is to watch.”

    She was starting to piss me off, I didn’t want or need her attitude.
“I’m giving you a lot of leeway, SLAVE,” I said, “because I know you’re
trying to protect Carrie. But you don’t know her like I do, so you either
need to trust me and do what I say, or else drop out of the game. Choose
right now.”

    Char continued staring me down for a few moments. Then she relaxed
slightly and lowered her eyes. “I’m sorry, William, please forgive me. Of
course I’ll see it through.”

    I stepped close to her, then wrapped the fingers of my right hand
around her throat. I squeezed hard enough to get her attention, but not
hard enough to hurt her. “The next time you say you love me,” I told her,
“remember what you did here. When I was hurting and needed you, you gave
me attitude.” I released her, then held out the glass. “Fill this up for
me. If I can’t get support from you, I’ll have to use the Scotch.”

    Char took the glass from me and ran to the table where I had left the
bottle. She filled the glass half full and brought it back to me. With her
eyes lowered, she handed me the glass. “I’m sorry William,” she said, “I
was out of line. It’s just so hard to watch. I keep flashing back to some
of the mind games Arthur played with me, and it’s hard.”

    I pulled her into my arms and hugged her. “It’s hard for me, too,
Char. The end is in sight, and we need to support one another until it’s
over. Then you and Carrie will talk, and you can decide how loathsome I

    Char hugged me tight for a few seconds, then pushed away from me.
“You’re not loathsome,” she said. “Carrie’s waiting.” I nodded, and she
headed for the bedroom door.

    I caught her by her forearm and swung her back. “Go to the bathroom
and rinse out your mouth first,” I said. She grinned and nodded, then went
to the bathroom. She returned in a few seconds and stopped in front of me.
“Go ahead,” I said, holding up the glass. “I’ll be along as soon as I
drink a little more courage.” Char put her hand on my arm and squeezed,
then went back to the living room.

    A few minutes later, I went back to the living room to restart the
scene. I sprawled on the couch and looked at the two slaves for several
minutes, occasionally taking a sip from my glass. “What’s the new girl’s
name, Jeanne?” I asked.

    “Her name is O, Sir,” Char answered.

    “O, please move the foot stool over in front of the fireplace,” I
said. Carrie got up and went to the footstool, then moved it a few feet to
where I pointed.

    “Please lie down on the stool, on your back,” I said. Carrie sat on
the edge of the stool, then leaned back until she was lying down. The
stool wasn’t very long, and her head hung over the end. I stood and walked
around until I was standing between the stool and the fireplace, looking
down at Carrie. I knelt and began lightly caressing her stomach and belly
with my fingers. She jumped at first contact, then relaxed.

    “You’ve been flogged recently, are your breasts sore, O?” I asked.

    “Yes, Sir, they’re very tender,” she said.

    “I don’t wish to hurt you, O, but I would like to stimulate your
nipples, to see how responsive you are. I want you to tell me if I’m
hurting you, and I’ll stop. Is that all right?”

    “Yes, Sir, I’m yours,” she said. That was Carrie speaking, not O.

    I put the tip of my index finger on one of her nipples and lightly
rubbed it. After a minute I heard her sigh, and I moved my finger to the
other nipple. “Am I hurting you, O?” I asked her.

    “No, Sir,” she said, “it feels wonderful. Thank you for this pleasure,

    I said, “I need both of my hands free, O, so I’m going to set my glass
on your belly. It will be cold, so get ready. I don’t want you to jump and
spill my drink.” After a few seconds, I touched the bottom of the glass to
her belly, just below her navel. She jumped when the cold glass first
touched her skin, but then she held the glass still when I released it.

    Returning my attention to Carrie, I began stimulating both of her
nipples. After a minute, I stopped rubbing them and grasped each one
between thumb and forefinger. As I squeezed them gently and rolled them
back and forth, I said, “Which is the greater sensation, O? Are you
feeling more pleasure, or more pain?”

    “More pleasure, Sir. Much more pleasure,” she said.

    I continued to stimulate Carrie’s nipples, but I turned to look at
Char. “Jeanne, I’m sorry I’ve been ignoring you. Would you please come
over and kneel in front of O’s face?” Char grinned as she stood up and
walked past me to the end of the stool. She knelt and smiled down at

    “O, can you see Jeanne’s pussy?” I asked Carrie.

    “Yes, sir, it’s right in front of my face,” Carrie said.

    “I want you to put your mouth on it and give Jeanne pleasure, O,” I

    Carrie said, “Yes, Sir, but I’ve never done that before. I don’t know
what to do, Sir.”

    To Carrie I said, “That’s all right, O. Jeanne will tell you what she
wants you to do. Just do exactly what she tells you.” Then to Char I said,
“Tell her what you want, Jeanne. I want her to make you cum, but slowly.
No quickies.”

    “Yes, Sir,” Char said with a big smile, then she began giving Carrie
detailed instructions.

    I released Carrie’s nipples, resulting in a muffled groan. Picking up
my drink from Carrie’s belly, I fished around in the glass and found the
largest piece of ice. It was a little larger than a quarter. I told Char
to lean back for a moment, then told Carrie to raise her head. Putting the
ice in Carrie’s mouth, I said, “O, I want you to push the ice into
Jeanne’s pussy, then eat her until the ice is completely melted.” Carrie
chuckled as she lowered her head back down. Char moved back into position,
then shrieked softly.

    I stood and moved to the opposite end of the stool. Kneeling between
Carrie’s legs, I licked and nibbled her labia for a minute. After raising
my head and taking a sip of Scotch, I put several small pieces of ice in
my mouth. I looked up at Char, and she was grinning ear to ear. This was
the kind of torture she could get behind.

    Bending down, I injected the ice into Carrie’s pussy as I kissed it. I
heard a muffled shriek from Carrie, then a giggle from Char.

    I moved my attentions from Carrie’s labia to her vagina. I stuck my
tongue as far into her as I could, pushing the ice deeper and deeper.
Finding her G-spot, I pressed and rubbed over it for a few seconds. Then I
withdrew from the depths and began gently teasing her clit. She was moving
rapidly toward an orgasm, but I wasn’t ready for her to cum yet. I pulled
my mouth away from her. She stayed in character, merely whimpering instead
of protesting to me.

    Carrie’s arms were resting in an odd position, hanging beside the
stool. I said, “O, please move both of your arms up and wrap them around
Jeanne.” She obeyed me, clasping Char around her waist. “Move your hands
down to Jeanne’s ass, and gently pull her cheeks apart,” I said. Char was
looking at me warily, but I ignored her. I took one of the vibrator
dildoes from the table and slipped it in and out of Carrie’s pussy for

    I stood and walked around behind Char. After patting her on the head,
I stooped over and slipped the dildo into her ass. “O,” I said, “please
feel around until you find the dildo in Jeanne’s ass.” Carrie walked her
fingers over Char’s ass until she found the dildo, then she gave it a pat,
causing Char to jump. I heard Carrie chuckle. “O, Don’t let the dildo slip
out of Jeanne’s ass,” I said. “If you would like to tap it or move it in
and out from time to time, that will be fine also.” I reached down and
switched the vibrator on to the Low position. Patting Char on the head
again, I returned to Carrie’s pussy.

    Kneeling in front of Carrie’s pussy, I gave it a long, tender kiss. At
the same time, I tapped on Carrie’s butt plug a few times to give her an
feeling for what she was doing to Char. Then I looked up at Char, who was
starting to show the effects of the dildo and Carrie’s tongue. “Jeanne,
please take hold of O’s nipples and gently stimulate them,” I told her. I
saw a small tremble in Char’s hands as she reached over and took Carrie’s
nipples between her fingers and thumbs.

    I grabbed the second dildo, turned it on to the Medium position, and
plunged it deeply into Carrie’s slit. I resumed tapping on her plug, then
bent down and found her clit with my tongue. Carrie had a very strong
orgasm, then a few seconds later Char also came.

    While Carrie’s orgasm was running its course, I gently and slowly
pumped the dildo in and our of her cunt. After her spasms had stopped, I
removed the dildo and attacked her pussy again with my lips and tongue.
She soon came a second time, but this time Char didn’t. I looked up at her
until she met my gaze, and she seemed close. Just as an experiment, I
said, “Jeanne, cum for your Master.” A few seconds later, she came, then
she smiled at me.

    I helped Carrie come down gently, tenderly kissing and nibbling on her
labia. Then, giving her clit a final kiss, I got to my feet and walked
around to Char. I bent to kiss her lips, and she returned my kiss with
passion and tenderness. While cupping one of Char’s breasts, I reached
down with my other hand and slowly pulled the dildo from her ass. After
helping Char to her feet, I took Carrie’s hands and pulled her up from the
stool. She stood in front of me with her eyes lowered and a smile on her
face. As I was kissing and tonguing her nipples, Carrie came a third time.

    “You may both return to your waiting positions now,” I told them. They
were standing side by side, ready to kneel, when I told them to stop.
Walking behind them, I removed their blouses, clipped Carrie’s wrists
together behind her back, then did the same for Char. “Turn and face one
another,” I told them, and they both turned. I said, “Now you may kneel,”
and watched as they gracefully dropped to their knees. “O, move toward
Jeanne until your knees are touching,” I said. Carrie shuffled forward a
small amount until each of her knees was pressed against Char’s. Their
breasts were also in contact, and they were almost nose to nose. As the
final step, I told them to touch their lips together, and each slave
turned her head slightly and they kissed. As I walked away from them
toward the dining room, I said, “Feel free to do anything you wish, as
long as you remain on your knees, and you remain in contact with each
other at your knees, breasts, and lips.”

    The kitchen clock read 11:10, and I decided the girl’s library duty
was finished. I prepared a light lunch, trying not to make any noise that
would carry into the living room. Once lunch was on the dining room table,
including wine for Char and me and ice water for Carrie, I dashed to the
bedroom and changed back into Pierre’s leather outfit.

    I was ready to bring the slaves to lunch, when I remembered a fantasy
of Carrie’s that we had discussed several times. I quietly went out the
back door of the house, then walked about 30 feet to a small glade. There
were a few items of garden furniture located there, including small
benches. The benches were only large enough for one person to sit on, and
they consisted of iron feet and legs, which supported a small, round
marble slab for the seat. Fortunately, the glade had not seen any direct
morning sun, so the marble benches were quite cold to the touch. It was
all I could do to lift one of the benches and lug it into the house.

    Back in the dining room, I removed Carrie’s chair from the table and
moved the marble bench to take its place. I tried to position the bench so
Carrie wouldn’t brush it with her legs as I positioned her to sit. I
wanted the first contact, of her bare ass with the marble seat, to be a
surprise and a startling experience.

    When I returned to the living room, Carrie and Char were positioned as
I had left them. I guess I had expected to see wet, passionate kissing in
progress, but they were just kneeling together with their lips in contact,
not really doing anything. Then it occurred to me that I had left them in
this position for nearly a half hour, perhaps I had missed the action.
“How romantic,” I said, pretending there was something happening anyway.
“I hope it won’t be necessary to hose you two down before lunch.”

    I blindfolded Carrie, then helped her and Char to their feet. I told
Carrie that slaves must be naked during meals, then proceeded to remove
both of their skirts. As quietly as possible, I unclipped Char’s wrists,
then I took hold of Carrie’s labia and led her to the dining room, with
Char quietly following. At the dining room table, I silently pointed to
Char’s chair, and she took her seat. I couldn’t prevent myself from
grinning when I saw Char looking puzzled by the bench. I carefully
positioned Carrie, then told her to sit down. When she sat on the cold
marble, she shrieked and tried to stand up again. I was prepared for her
to do that, and I held her in a sitting position by pressing down on her
shoulders. “I thought you needed to cool down a little, don’t stand up
again without my permission,” I told her.

    I let go of Carrie’s shoulders, and she made no further attempt to
rise from the cold marble slab. I walked around to my chair and sat down,
while watching Carrie lean back enough that she could touch the marble
with her bound hands. As she felt around and identified what she was
sitting on, the corners of her mouth turned up in a slight smile. We both
knew this was outside the parameters of our drama. It was a shared secret
between Carrie and her Master, another fantasy I could help her experience
in real life.

    I loaded a fork with food from Carrie’s plate, then held it near her
mouth. She soon detected the aroma and opened her mouth, then I carefully
put the fork in her mouth and touched it to her tongue. She closed her
mouth, I slid the fork out between her lips, and she began chewing her
food. I looked over at Char and motioned for her to eat her lunch, but she
seemed more interested in watching Carrie than in eating. If we weren’t
role playing, I would have commented that she seemed more hungry for
Carrie than for her lunch.

    As I fed Carrie, and occasionally took a bite of food from my plate, I
felt myself begin to relax. Although the dungeon scene would be difficult
and long – I planned for her to be chained downstairs for nearly 24 hours
– the difficult choices were behind me. There were no more decisions to
make, except the choice of when to end the play and return Carrie to real
life. I felt psychologically and emotionally drained, and I was more than
ready to go on autopilot until the drama had run its course.

    I had remained silent during lunch, except to give Carrie eating
directions from time to time. As we neared the end of our meal, it was
time to advance the plot to the next scene, the last one before taking
Carrie to the ‘dungeon.’ “Both of you have the afternoon free, Jeanne,” I
said. “I want you to stay with O, in her room, and help her adjust to her
new life. I release both of you from the rule of silence while you are
alone together.”

    Char grinned at me. “Yes, Pierre, thank you,” she said. I had set one
condition on Char before I would let her have this time with Carrie – she
had to stay in character. Char had promised me that she would stick to the
premise of the story, that O was inexperienced both in slavery and in
making love to another woman. I think Char was relishing the chance to
take control of Carrie, having earlier been under Carrie’s
less-than-subtle control for a few days.

    I stood and walked around my chair to Carrie. I took her arm and
pulled her to her feet, then unclipped her wrists. I said, “She’s yours to
use as you wish for a few hours, Jeanne. You’ll repay me for this favor
tonight, be ready for a rough evening.”

    “I won’t disappoint you, Pierre, thank you,” Char said, then she took
hold of Carrie’s labia and led her toward the guest bedroom. When they
were out of hearing range, I began clearing the table.

    At 1:00 I rolled off of the bed in the master bedroom and went to
fetch Carrie. Char had known from the outset that I would be interrupting
them in about an hour, but Carrie was led to believe she and Char would be
together all afternoon. I opened the door to the guest bedroom and walked
in. The two of them were lying on their sides, face to face, kissing. Char
had most of one hand in Carrie’s pussy. I said, “On your feet, lovely
lady, you’re needed elsewhere.”

    “Where are you taking her, Pierre?” Char said.

    I said, “She has to spend some time in the dungeon. How long she stays
there is up to her lover, he hasn’t decided yet. Take a good look at her,
Jeanne, if you see her again she won’t be the same.” I quickly clipped
Carrie’s wrists together behind her back, then put on her blindfold. I
then removed the 12-foot chain from the wall over her bed. After attaching
one end of the chain to Carrie’s collar, I coiled it up in my hand and
used it to lead her out of the bedroom and down the hall. Looking back, I
saw Char following us, and I motioned for her to go back. Reluctantly, she
returned to the bedroom.

    I led Carrie through the master bedroom, then into the mural room. I
warned her of the stairs, then started down in front of her. We went very
slowly, as Carrie felt her way down each step. When we were about half way
down, I braced myself, then tugged on Carrie’s chain, causing her to
stumble forward. She gasped as she began falling, and again as I caught
her by her waist. I immediately pushed her down on the stairs, then made
sure she was supporting herself with her feet and was gripping a step with
her manacled hands, before I eased my grip at her waist. I took one of her
breasts in my mouth, and grasped the other one with my hand. When she
sighed, I knew she recognized this episode from the book. I felt her body
relax as she opened her legs for me. After mauling her breasts for awhile,
I positioned myself so that I was supporting my weight on my hands and
tiptoes, leaning against her on the stairs. I didn’t want my weight to
press her flesh into the edges of the steps. When I had found a stable
posture, I slipped my cock into her pussy and began fucking her hard,
while whispering lewd comments in her ear.

    That was one of the most uncomfortable intercourse positions I can
remember. I tried to get it over with quickly, assuming it was even more
uncomfortable for Carrie than it was for me. Even so, she came twice
before I did. As I was resting my chin on her shoulder, waiting for my
cock to stop its spasms in her cunt and thinking ahead to what I would
soon be doing to her, I wanted very badly to tell her how much I loved
her. I think I would have, except she spoke first. Perhaps she knew how
close I was to breaking out of my character, I don’t know. In any event,
she whispered, “Thank you, Pierre,” and the moment passed.

    After getting to my feet, I put an arm around Carrie’s waist and
helped her to stand. Then we slowly descended the remaining steps to the
basement. Unlocking the door, I led Carrie into the training room and then
to the punishment area.  I had turned out all of the lights in the
basement, except for dim illumination over the punishment stage and over
the toilet area, about 15 feet away. At one side of the punishment stage,
I had spread a blanket on the floor and scattered cushions and pillows
around for her to sit or lie on. I attached her chain to an eye-bolt at
the level of her waist, with about 5 feet of slack. That would allow her
to stand, sit, or lie down, but she would have to stay on the blanket.

    I unclipped Carrie’s wrists, then removed her blindfold. As she looked
around, I said, “This will be your home until I tell you differently. I’ll
bring you food and water later, make yourself comfortable.” Then I turned
and walked to the door and up the stairs, leaving her alone.

    When I emerged from the mural room, Char was standing in the center of
the bedroom, waiting to talk to me. “I don’t want you in the basement
until this is over,” I told her. She started to protest, but I held up a
finger to silence her. “Go read the section of the book where O is in the
dungeon, and you’ll know why,” I told her. “This is hard enough for me, I
don’t need your attitude to make it harder.” Once again she tried to
protest, but I told her to shut up and not speak about it again.

    I told Char to go to the kitchen and prepare a platter of fruit and
bread, and a pitcher of water. I followed her to the kitchen and told her
I wanted to know everything that happened between Carrie and her before I
entered the guest bedroom. She took a deep breath, then began a blow by
blow account of everything they did and everything they said. She had
obviously enjoyed having Carrie under her control, and apparently Carrie
had been completely docile and obedient, doing everything Char told her to

    I asked Char what, if anything, Carrie had asked Char to explain to
her. Char said that Carrie was most interested in the relationship between
Jeanne and Pierre. Char was surprised by that line of questioning, and had
to think fast to come up with plausible answers. Apparently Carrie was
most interested in what Jeanne did to curry favor with Pierre. I asked
Char how she had responded. She said, “I just told her about some of the
disgusting things my brother used to make me do for him. After a few of
those stories, she didn’t ask me anything else.”

    I was standing behind Char when she said that. I put my hands on her
shoulders and turned her to face me. She had a tear running down her
cheek, but when I turned her around he looked up at me and smiled. I
hugged her, and she said, “I was wrong to object to what you’re doing,
William. She absolutely loves everything that you’ve done to her. She
couldn’t stop talking about the creep who got off on whipping her breasts,
she came twice while she was telling me how he terrified and humiliated
her, and how painful it was. I don’t understand how she’s wired, but I
know now that you do understand, and you’re giving her exactly what she

    “I’m glad you feel better about it now, Char, but I still won’t allow
you in the basement,” I said. “I’ll tell you again, read the short section
of the book where O is in the dungeon, and you’ll understand.”

    Char said, “I trust your judgment, William, I’ll stay out of the
basement, and I’ll help you any way I can. I don’t know how Carrie’s going
to react when you bring her back to the real word, she might have trouble
with the transition.” That thought had entered my mind. I was hoping that
I could ease her back without problems, but I was concerned it would be
rough for her for a few days.


5 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 80

  1. I swear…at least when he wrote this story, Jay West was not a Dom, Master, or HoH. If he had been, the story would have been written a lot differently. True D/s, M/s, HoH/tih relationships might be more intense at times but they don't just turn off/on/off/on. SMH Oh and Char…as a very beaten down slave would not have the self confidence to give dirty looks and talk back to any Master…way too soon. Oh well…it's Jay's fantasy…will see where he takes it. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. It is possible as you say Cat, perhaps you are right.
    Perhaps his view of dominance is different than yours.
    Perhaps it's just his fantasy.

    27 chapters to go.At this point 80% of the story is told, yet 20% to go. 1/5 of the story is in the dark.

    Ah, well, one day at the time,


  3. This role play was interesting to read….but… seems the only one who benefits is Carrie….and we still have not see her reaction when it is over. I know it is a fantasy of theirs, but sometimes fantasies should just be fantasies.
    hugs abby


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