novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 87

  A few days later, while Carrie and I were working out after breakfast,
we heard loud talk coming from from the kitchen. I thought I knew what it
was about, but I didn’t let on to Carrie.

    A little while later, William came into the spare bedroom. He looked
angry when he first came in, but he grinned when he saw the two of us.
After we looked at each other in silence for a few moments, William said,
“We’re spending the weekend in the city.” Carrie was standing beside the
elliptical trainer doing stretches. She shrieked and began jumping up and
down. I grinned and clapped my hands, acting more enthusiastic than I
felt. I was genuinely happy for Carrie, knowing how badly she needed a
change of scene, but I didn’t feel ready to be out in public.

    That was on Tuesday. We had a lot of time to get ready, but Carrie
acted like it all had to be done within the next hour. Grinning, William
gave us permission to spend the day in preparation, suspending all other
planned activities. After our workouts, Carrie and I went to the office
and began poring over the online city guide for Albuquerque. Within an
hour, we had maps, lists of shops to visit, sights to see, and

    Carrie was so excited, she reminded me of a kid on Christmas morning.
She kept pointing to things on the screen, saying, “Ooh, look at that!”
or, “We’ve got to go there!” I started laughing, and she said, “I’m sorry
if I’m acting childish, but I haven’t left this place in a year and a
half, I’m dying to get out of here.” Then she remembered that I had been
confined for a lot longer than she had. She took my hand and kissed me,
then asked if I was Ok with making the trip.

    “It scares me, but I want to go with you,” I said. “I don’t want to be
away from you and William, so I’m counting on you to help me get over my
fear and have a good time.” Carrie promised that I would be so busy having
fun that I wouldn’t have time to be afraid.

    The hardest thing was the hotel reservations. William had said that
Philip and Beverly would be going with us, and that complicated things.
Philip knew the true nature of our relationship, even though he didn’t
approve. Beverly knew that William and Carrie were lovers, but that’s all
she knew. Philip and Carrie understood that Beverly would have to know
about us sooner or later, but they didn’t want her to know yet.

    After a little thought, and a few calls to candidate hotels, Carrie
came up with the solution. She reserved three connected suites at a
downtown hotel. Philip and Beverly’s suite would be on one end, William
and Carrie’s would be in the middle, and my suite would be farthest from
Philip and Beverly’s. Of course, the three of us would spend our sleeping
and fucking time in my suite, far from Beverly’s snooping. If necessary,
William and Carrie could always return to their suite through the
connecting door. When we told William, he complimented us on our

    I don’t know when we started on the computer, it was probably around
10:30. By 1:15, Carrie was finished. She had the hotel reservations, as
well as reservations for dinner and a play on Saturday night. She even had
an itenerary, which included shopping for clothes for she and I,
sightseeing, and interesting places to eat. We went to William with all of
the printouts and lists. He was impressed, he said we should start calling
Carrie “Take Charge Carrie.” Carrie said that I had done as much as she
had. It wasn’t true, but William already knew that, so there was no
deception involved. I kissed her on the cheek and thanked her.

    William said that we deserved something special for our efforts, and
asked us what we would like to do. “May I please have a second spanking
today, and let Char skip hers?” Carrie asked. I had already spanked Carrie
before breakfast that morning, but I hadn’t yet received my daily
spanking. Carrie tried to get me out of being spanked whenever she could.
Once or twice she even told William she didn’t want to spank me that day
because her hand was sore. Finally her told her to knock it off she wasn’t
fooling anyone, but she still occasionally tried to get me a break.

    William said, “No, Char will get her spanking later today.” He looked
at us for a while, then he said, “It’s a nice day today. Cold, but sunny.
After lunch we’ll take a walk.” A moment later, he added, “We’ll bring the
flogger for Carrie’s breasts.” Carrie smiled.

    William sent us to find Philip and ask him for some sandwiches and
iced tea for a late lunch. The three of us sat at the dining room table,
eating and talking about our upcoming adventure in the city. At one point,
Carrie asked William how he got Philip to agree. “I told him we were
going, and his only choice was to come with us or not,” William said.

    William dressed us warmly for our walk. We each wore jeans, a heavy
sweater, and a coat. Carrie carried her survival kit, I carried the
canteen, and William carried blankets. Carrie was still speed talking
about our trip, so William put the handle of the flogger in her mouth.
“This will take care of that annoying noise I’ve been hearing for the last
few hours,” he said.

    Carrie looked genuinely hurt by his comment. She was just expressing
her enthusiasm, and I enjoyed listening to her. I was even starting to
look forward to the trip because of what she was saying. I dropped to my
knees before William, and said, “Please William, may I carry the flogger
instead. Carrie is so enthusiastic about our trip, I love listening to her
talk about it.”

    He looked down at me, then reached down and pulled me to my feet.
“You’re right, Charlie,” he said, “I made a mistake.” Looking at Carrie,
he said, “I apologize, Carrie, my comment was stupid and inappropriate. I
would like to listen to you and Char talk about the trip while we walk.”
Then he took the flogger from Carrie and put it in his own mouth. He
carried it like that all the way to our destination, which he and Carrie
called Fucking Stop 4.

    It always made me feel good when William did things like that. He
always made sure we knew he was the Master and we were his slaves. But he
always did his fair share of whatever work Carrie and I had to do when
Philip wasn’t around, such as fixing meals, cleaning the kitchen and
bathroom, or doing laundry. And when he made a mistake, he almost always
apologized for it. Maybe it was because we were both slaves by choice, and
he wasn’t worried about losing his authority over us. Or maybe it was just
because he loved us. I don’t know why he did what he did, but I loved the
way he treated us. It was one of the things that first made me know I
could trust him.

    Fucking Stop 4 was the farthest clear area from the house, not
counting the picnic hill. The picnic hill was a hard climb over rough
terrain, but the series of Fucking Stops were laid out along a walking
trail, a big loop that led right back to the house again. It was only when
the blanket was spread out and we were all sitting that William gave up
the flogger. Carrie reached out and gently took it from between his teeth,
laid it on the blanket, then kissed him.

    It was warm in the sun. We sat and talked for awhile. On the way, one
of the things Carrie had talked about was how she wanted us to dress when
we were out in public with William. She said we should buy identical
outfits. We could each wear our own colors and whatever jewelry we liked,
but our clothes should always be identical. Now that he could speak again,
William asked about that idea. He said he thought women hated it when
another woman showed up wearing the same outfit. Carrie looked at me and
said, “He’s a real sexist pig, isn’t he?”

    I laughed. “Yes, but I believe he’s right this time,” I said.

    Carrie laughed too. “Yes, William, you are right this time,” she said.
“That’s the whole point. We’ll be giving up a part of our individuality
for you. We’ll be your matched set of obedient women. It won’t take much
imagination for people to see that we belong to you.”

    “Struting your stuff?” William asked. I didn’t know what he meant by
that, until Carrie explained it to me later.

    “Damned right,” she said proudly. William looked at her silently for a
few seconds, then nodded his head. Carrie beamed, knowing she had received
his approval.

    We talked for maybe another fifteen minutes, then Carrie looked at
William and said, “My tits are cold.” I felt a knot form in my stomach. I
had grown used to the daily spankings, but I really didn’t like flogging
her. I knew I had no choice, William had made it clear that it was my job
to do this for Carrie. It didn’t help, knowing she would enjoy it, I still
felt like I was torturing her.

    “On your knees, facing the sun,” William told Carrie. She scrambled to
her knees. William got up and stood in front of and to the side of Carrie,
where he could see the flogger striking her breasts. He nodded at me, and
I removed Carrie’s coat, then pulled her sweater off over her head.

    “We didn’t bring anything to tie her hands with,” I said to William.

    “She doesn’t need anything,” he said. Then to Carrie he said, “Raise
your arms straight up. Keep your palms open, fingers apart and straight.”
She raised her arms straight over her head and opened her fingers wide
apart. She was beginning to shiver from the cold, I could see gooseflesh
forming on her breasts and arms.

    I quickly took my position, on my knees on the other side of Carrie
from where William stood. I picked up the flogger and waited for his
command. Carrie was breathing in short gasps. William asked her if she was
ready, and she nodded her head rapidly a few times. William nodded at me,
and I began.

    Carrie’s body jerked when the first blow landed on her left breast. I
quickly alternated from one breast to the other. “Harder,” William said
after a few minutes. Soon tears were running down Carrie’s cheeks. After
another few minutes, William said, “Harder, Char, we don’t want to be here
all day.” I was already hitting her harder than I ever had before, but I
obeyed. I began hitting her as hard as I could, considering that I was on
my knees. In no time at all, Carrie was sobbing and gasping.

    I was panting from my exertion. Carrie was crying out, almost
screaming, and asking William to let her have a moment’s rest. “It’s too
cold, we have to finish it,” was all he said. Carrie was having trouble
keeping her arms still, a couple of times I was afraid she was going to
lower them. William looked at his watch, and said “Two more minutes.”

    I was on automatic pilot, trying to pretend it was somebody else
flogging my sister. Just when I thought the two minutes should be up,
Carrie couldn’t stand it any more, she lowered her arms and covered her
breasts with her hands. I was shocked that she had done that. I
immediately stopped the flogging and looked at William. He checked his
watch, then sighed and looked at Carrie. “You had twenty seconds to go.
Couldn’t you have stood twenty more seconds?” he said.

    Still sobbing violently, Carrie said she was sorry she was so weak.
She promised it would never happen again. After a long pause, William
said, “Put your hands back in the air, you have 20 seconds to go, plus
five more minutes as punishment for breaking your Pose.”

    “Please tie my hands, use your belt, use anything,” Carrie begged. “I
want to obey, please tie my hands behind my back.”

    “You’ll obey without your hands being tied,” William said. “Raise your
hands right now, or I’ll add another five minutes for disobedience.”
Carrie’s hands shot into the air. She was sobbing and gasping, and her
whole body was shivering from the cold. “Resume, Char,” William said,
looking at his watch.

    Tears were running down my cheeks. I hated what he was making me do. I
wanted to throw down the flogger and tell him to go to hell. But I knew it
would only cause Carrie more pain if I disobeyed, so I kept flogging her.
I saw that Carrie had balled her hands into fists. William saw that too,
but he chose to ignore it. Carrie was making sounds like screams, only she
wasn’t making very much noise.

    Finally William said it was over. I threw down the flogger and told
him I hated him. He handed me a cotton tee shirt, saying, “Put this on her
under the sweater, it won’t be so irritating to her breasts.” I don’t know
where he got it from, he must have had it in a coat pocket. I quickly put
the tee shirt on Carrie and carefully pulled it over her red, blotchy
breasts. She seemed to be in a daze, softly sobbing but doing whatever I
asked her to do. In another few seconds I had her sweater and coat on. I
kissed her on the cheek, tasting her salty tears, then I turned my back on
both of them. I laid down on the edge of the blanket and curled into a
ball, then I began crying.

    I don’t know how long I lay there. I didn’t go to sleep, but I tuned
out everything for awhile. Finally I heard William say it was time to go.
I looked over my shoulder, and saw Carrie curled up in William’s lap, her
arms around his neck, her head resting on his shoulder. “Carrie, is there
anything you want to say to Char?” he asked.

    Carrie raised her head and looked at me. Her eyes were bloodshot and
puffy. “Thank you, Char,” she said. “I know how hard that was for you. I
love you.”

    “Hard for me?” I said. “What about you?” Carrie just smiled at me. “I
can’t do that anymore,” I said, looking at William. He didn’t say
anything, he just looked at me with a neutral expression.

    We walked home slowly. Carrie and William had their arms around one
another. I stayed away from them, thinking that I really didn’t understand
what they were about, and that maybe I didn’t belong with them after all.

    William sent Carrie to soak in the tub, while he and I put away the
blankets and washed out the canteen. “I’m sorry for what I said, I don’t
hate you,” I said.

    “That’s Ok, you wouldn’t be the only one,” he said. I looked at him,
about to ask what Carrie had said to him, but he was ahead of me. “I
wasn’t talking about Carrie,” he said. He looked at me for a moment, then
he said, “I won’t ask you to flog her again. It’s my job, I was wrong to
pass it off to you. I know how hard it is to do that to someone you love,
I’m sorry.”

    “You love her too, how can you do it?” I asked him.

    He gave me a grim smile. “She can’t flog herself, someone has to do it
for her.”

    It’s not that I didn’t already know that. But the way he said it, his
sad expression, made me understand them in a way I hadn’t been able to
before. I caved. “Maybe we could take turns,” I said.

    He kissed me on the cheek and said, “We’ll see.”

    I should have asked my next question sooner. “William, did Carrie
lower her arms on purpose, so the flogging would last longer?”

    “Of course,” he said.

    Son of a bitch. I felt like an idiot. I had been mad at the wrong
person, Carrie was driving the action all along. I had seen her
Oscar-worthy performance in “The Story of O,” how could I not have known?

    “I’m sorry, I assumed you knew that,” he said.

    I said, “Is yours and Carrie’s relationship ever what it seems to be,
or is it always this twisted?”

    He put a hand on my shoulder and said, “For the most part, it’s what
it seems to be. We think you belong here, and we want you to be our
partner, that part is exactly what it seems to be. I promise you, we’re
not trying to hide anything from you, but sometimes it’s complicated.”

    “No shit it’s complicated,” I said. “William, for a long time I’ve
been forced to live a very simple, uncomplicated life. I don’t know if I
can deal with you two.”

    “We know you can, or we wouldn’t be asking you to be our partner,” he
said. He opened his arms, and I pressed myself against him. We hugged for
a long time. Finally he said, “Let’s go check on Carrie, and make sure she
hasn’t slipped beneath the waves.” I grinned. He took my hand, and we
walked to the bathroom.

    Carrie was in the tub, water up to her chin. Her eyes were closed, but
she opened them and smiled up at us when we came in. “Hi, Sweetie,” she
said to me. “Come on in, the water’s fine.” I wanted to tell her to go to
hell, I wanted to piss in the tub, I wanted to leave, but I couldn’t do
any of those things. I looked at William for permission. He kissed me and
told me to strip first. I stuck my tongue out at him.

    I peeled off my clothes and climbed into the tub beside Carrie. She
put her arms around me, gave me a passionate kiss, and told me she loved
me. William picked up Carrie’s and my clothes, smiled at us, turned and
left the bathroom. As he walked out the door, he said, “No spanking today,

    Carrie and I kissed and fingered one another until we both came. We
were quietly hugging, and she asked, “Did you and William get everything
sorted out? Are you still my designated flogger?”

    I said, “I don’t know, Carrie. But if I do flog you again, I’m going
to enjoy it. I think I can make you beg.”

    “You’re angry, I’m sorry,” she said. “I look forward to begging you.”
Then she clamped her mouth over mine.

    We lay in each other’s arms for a while longer. “Let’s get out before
we prune,” I said. “I’ll put some lotion on your tits after I dry you

    “Yes, Char,” Carrie said. When I looked at her, she smiled. “You
deserve more respect than I’ve been showing you. From now on, you’ll get

    I said, “I need a sister and a lover. Fuck your respect and your

    We were out of the tub. Carrie knelt in front of me and took my hands
in hers. “Did William tell you that you complete us?” she asked. I nodded.
“It’s the god’s truth, we need you. I know you’re angry now, but you’ll
get over it.

    “You know I enjoy being flogged, otherwise William would never flog me
or have you flog me. I love it, I need it, and it’s wonderful when I get
it from you. He won’t use the crop on me to make you flog me, that was a
bluff. If you don’t want to do it again, we’ll understand. The spanking
too, you won’t have to do it if you don’t want to. But I’m begging you,
don’t stop.”

    I smiled down at her. “I won’t stop,” I said. “Remember what I said,
the next time. See if you can outlast me.” I handed her a towel. “Get off
your knees and dry me.”

    As she toweled me dry, I kept telling myself I should calm down. But I
kept getting madder and madder. They told me they wanted me to be their
partner, then they manipulated my emotions for no goddammed reason.

    Carrie finished drying me and stood holding the towel, waiting for me
to take it and dry her. I put my hand around her throat and shoved her
against the wall, then put my knee against her pussy and pressed hard. “No
more bullshit,” I said quietly, looking into her eyes. I didn’t see any
fear, but I saw submission. She nodded. I let go of her, took the towel
from her hand, and began drying her, being careful of her tender breasts.

    Carrie was sitting on the edge of the tub. I was kneeling in front of
her, massaging lotion onto her breasts. I was beginning to calm down,
still not understanding how I had become so angry. Suddenly Carrie put her
hands over mine and pressed tightly. I looked up at her, and she leaned
down and kissed me on my lips. I kissed her back. She said, “No more
bullshit, I promise. William and I play games. We need to adapt our play
so that you’ll know what’s going on, so you’ll be able to tell what’s real
and what’s play.” I nodded, and she released my hands. I resumed massaging
her breasts.

    Carrie laughed softly. She said, “Before you grabbed my throat, you
should have said, ‘You won’t like me when I get angry.'” I had no idea
what she meant, I just ignored it. William explained it to me later, it
was something a comic book character would say, before he became enraged
and turned into a monster. I didn’t like it either, when the monster in me
came out.

    I took Carrie’s hands and pulled her to her feet. She gently pushed me
against the wall, the same place I had held her in anger a few minutes
earlier. She smothered me in kisses, telling me over and over that she
loved me and she needed me in her life.

    Carrie and I walked into the bedroom, hand in hand. William was
sitting in his chair. I realized he had been there all along, he heard
everything that we said in the bathroom. Smiling, he said, “Everything

    Carrie looked at me, and I nodded. “Everything’s just fine, William,”
she said.

    I’m going to describe some of our adventures in the city, but first I
want to wrap up the flogging story. A week and a half after our first trip
into the city, William asked me if I would flog Carrie again. He said I
didn’t have to do it if I didn’t want to. He said Carrie wanted me to flog
her pussy, and she didn’t want him to be there when I did it. I knew she
was giving me an opportunity to take my revenge on her. The situation had
changed over that week and a half, and I didn’t want revenge any more, but
I thought it would help put the breast flogging incident behind us, so I

    I told William I didn’t know how to flog her pussy, I might cause her
damage. He said he would show me what to do, then leave us alone.

    Carrie was on the bedroom floor, in the Pose William had told her to
assume when her pussy was to be flogged. She was on her knees, leaning
back and grasping her feet with her hands. Her back was arched upward
severely, her knees were spread wide apart. It looked really
uncomfortable, even before the flogging started. William showed me how it
should be done, lightly flicking the flogger against her pussy and letting
the pain build up over time. “How much time?” I asked.

    William said, “She’s only been through this once before, for half an
hour. I told her it would last a minimum of one hour the next time. I’ll
leave the two of you alone for an hour.” He handed me the flogger and
turned to leave.

    As he was leaving the bedroom, Carrie spoke, the strain of holding the
Pose evident in her voice. “Please give us two hours, William.” He
shrugged and left.

    I was about to begin, when Carrie asked me if she could have a kiss
first. I knelt beside her. She raised her head up as far as she could, and
I leaned over and kissed her tenderly on her lips. When our lips
separated, I said, “I’m going to make you beg me to stop.”

    “I’ll hold out as long as I can,” she said, then lowered her head
backward toward the floor.

    After forty-five minutes, Carrie was screaming and crying. She
couldn’t hold the stressful Pose any longer, so I moved a footstool under
her shoulders. She rested her head and shoulders on the stool, but still
kept hold of her feet. After an hour of flogging, she asked me over and
over to let her rest for just a minute. I refused.

    Finally, after an hour and twenty minutes, she begged me to stop for
the first time. I kept flogging her pussy for another ten minutes. She was
screaming and crying so much that she barely had any breath left to beg.
But she was begging, promising me anything I wanted. She said she would be
my slave, I could treat her any way I pleased, she would make sure William
agreed, if I would just stop.

    When I told her it was finished, she broke her Pose and kissed my
feet. She said she was now my slave, I could use her however I wished. I
pulled her to her feet and told her I didn’t want her as a slave, I wanted
her as my sister and my lover.

    When William returned, he found Carrie and I in bed, her face buried
in my pussy. He climbed onto the bed behind her and fucked her ravaged
pussy, while she continued to drive me crazy with her tongue.

    That was the only time in my adult life I was intentionally cruel to
another person. At the time, I thought it was something I owed Carrie for
her manipulation of my emotions. But I came to understand later that I had
been wrong. William and Carrie had only done what they had told me they
would do. They were living their lives and playing their games. If they
didn’t think to clue me in about every game they played, that didn’t mean
they were trying to manipulate me. William had shown me a lot of
tolerance, more than he should have. He let me rage and fume at Carrie,
and then he left me alone with her, knowing I would hurt her more than was

    I never refused to spank of flog Carrie again, but William and I more
or less took turns at it from that time on. Carrie was always glad when it
was my turn, because I always gave her the hardest spanking or flogging I
could deliver. Not because I was angry or wanted to hurt her, but because
I loved her, and that’s what she needed from me.


9 thoughts on “Training Carrie, chapter 87

  1. I didn't want to stand up and cheer for anyone…still very confused about all the emotions and behavior. They all seem to be playing games with their own agendas and assumptions. *sigh* Will see where this goes.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. I wanted stay upp snd cheer for Carrie.
    She had at last show how manipulativt bitch she is. and Char, darling, yes, she is using uou as she wants.
    Mindfucking . I hope, Char will soon say: NO.
    BTW, Han, what do you think.. Why was Char spankrd although she did not like it and did not like the pain ?

    Oh My, this will be interesting.

    Mona Lisa


  3. Never could relate much with Char. Always felt nothing bad, nothing good about her. Carrie was my darling, and she was dead now. My Carrie. As dead as the branches on my cycle track this afternoon.

    Never understood Bill, hey I really love you, oh wait a minute, a sister, hey I love you too… And now… Now he's with Char and Char is suddenly full of talk.



  4. What Han thinks? He offered Char a fair chance to get out of the spankings and she chose of her own free will not to.
    He was right to say: I will ask you again next month.
    And she chose again of her own free will.

    No pity on Char, Mona Lisa,



  5. Quote from chapter 86:
    Except for the very first spanking William gave me, I never enjoyed the spankings. After Carrie and I had spanked each other daily for a month, William told me I could choose whether or not my spankings would continue, just as he had promised I could. I came very close to asking for them to stop, but I knew I would have to continue spanking Carrie no matter how I chose. I couldn't stand the idea of causing her pain every
    day, without suffering the same thing myself. I know that was stupid, because Carrie liked the pain and I didn't. But I asked for my spankings to continue anyway.”

    Free will.
    They were lovers at the times, as well as sisters.



  6. Is it free will? She had no another opportunity, because she will feel quilty.
    Free will in My head is: if I choose yes or no.. It will be not imitation.
    As soon ad your decision is done ..and you lnow sameblodet will be suffering., it is not a free choice. And Chaf would be suffering.


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