novel by Jay West

Training Carrie by Her Master

by Jay West 

Chapter 89

  I haven’t written anything for three days. Bill and I have been making
up for lost time. I’m not talking about fucking, although there’s been
plenty of that, too. We haven’t been out of each other’s sight except to
sleep. It’s wonderful to have him back, I’m so happy that he still wants
me in his life.

    We spent the last three days talking. Here’s the main thing it’s taken
Bill all these months to come to terms with: our life together with Carrie
is our past, it’s over. Our life together – just the two of us – is our
present and future. We’ll always cherish our past, but we need to get on
with life. Step one for me is to finish this story. Bill said I could
leave it unfinished if I wanted to, but I hate doing things like that.

    There’s one more thing I want to tell about our first trip to the
city, it’s about a woman named Helen. I wasn’t going to mention Helen,
because this is supposed to be Carrie’s story, not mine. But I asked Bill,
and he said I should tell everything, because this is just as much my
story as it is his and Carrie’s. So I’m going to spend some time telling
about Helen, because she was the first outsider we allowed into our
circle. There’s another reason too, which will become obvious if you read
on. If you get bored, skip ahead to the last few chapters.

    Saturday morning, as soon as the stores opened, Carrie took us on a
shopping spree. Since we hadn’t left the hotel Friday night, Carrie said,
we only had Saturday evening for she and I to “strut our stuff,” and she
wanted to do it right. William said that as far as he was concerned, it
was Carrie’s and my money, we could do whatever we wanted with it.

    The first place we went was a wig shop. Carrie hadn’t mentioned it
until we got there, but it was me she wanted to get a wig for. When I
protested, she said to trust her, she would find the perfect style for me.
We didn’t have time for a custom fitting, since I needed to wear the wig
that night, but the store had some very good ready-made, human-hair wigs.
After I tried on a half dozen styles, Carrie found the one she wanted me
to wear. It was a short, shag style, nearly the same blonde as my natural
color. It covered my forehead in front, and was just barely onto my neck
in back. I really liked the way it framed my face, and Carrie and William
both said it was perfect for me. Carrie wouldn’t let me take it off, she
said I needed to wear it while we shopped for our dresses.

    Beginning with the first dress shop we went to, William and I began
seeing a side of Carrie we hadn’t seen before. We walked in the door of a
small boutique, and an attractive young woman came over and asked us if
she could help. Carrie looked at her, then quickly looked around at the
dress racks. Then she turned to William and said, “This won’t do, let’s
try somewhere else.” As we were filing out, I looked at the woman. She
actually had a hurt expression, as if she felt we were rejecting her. I
couldn’t help it, I said, “Sorry,” to her as we left.

    The second place we tried was a lot bigger. There were four
salespersons that I could see. We had been browsing for a few minutes,
when one of them came over to us. “May I help you find something?” she

    Carrie had been looking at the busy salespersons, watching them
interact with their customers. She pointed to one of them, a cute brunette
in her early twenties, and asked, “What’s her name?”

    After a pause, the woman answered, “Her name is Helen. She’s busy at
the moment, I’m sure I can help you find something interesting.”

    “We’ll wait for her,” Carrie said, then went back to browsing,
ignoring the woman. She stood her ground for a few seconds, then left us
and walked over to Helen. We couldn’t hear what she said, but Helen looked
over at us and smiled. Carrie smiled back and waved at her.

    William nudged me, and I looked up to see him grinning. “Did you see
where Carrie went?” he asked in a low voice. “I came in here with two
subs, and one of them has disappeared.”

    Carrie and I laughed. “Both of your subs are right here by your side,
Master,” Carrie said. Several people nearby turned to look at us.

    Carrie and I continued looking at the dresses, while William stood
nearby, wearing that look men usually get in women’s stores. Finally,
Helen finished with her customer and came over to us. “Hello, my name is
Helen, how can I help you?” she said.

    Carrie turned to her, smiled, and took her hand. “Helen, I’m Carrie,”
she said. Pointing to us, she continued, “This is my sister, Char, and
this is our Master, William.”

    Helen looked a little confused by the Master part. William immediately
gave her a big smile and offered a handshake. When Helen put her hand in
his, William said, “Carrie’s a big kidder.”

    While William was still holding Helen’s hand, Carrie leaned toward her
and whispered, loud enough for all of us to hear, “If you want to see if
I’m kidding, ask William to snap his fingers.” I couldn’t help giggling,
although the thought of Carrie dropping to her knees in a public place,
and kissing William’s feet, terrified me. There was no doubt in my mind
that she would have done it if he had snapped his fingers.

    William let go of Helen’s hand. “There’ll be no finger snapping,
Carrie,” he said. “Why don’t you tell Helen what we’re here for?” I half
expected Carrie to answer, “Yes, Master,” but she knew when to quit. She
told Helen what we wanted, identical dresses for the two of us.

    Helen looked at both of us with a critical eye. We were both wearing
our jeans and sweaters, but I think Helen was experienced enough to tell
that we had different body types. I had gained some weight, thanks to
exercise and constant encouragement from William and Carrie to overeat,
but I was still scrawny. It wouldn’t have surprised me if Helen’s
evaluation reduced Carrie and I to two labels, “hardbody” and “anorexic.”

    Finally, Helen took a deep breath. “Well,” she said, “that will be a
real challenge. Are you sure you both want the same dress? It’s unlikely
that we can find one design that would be flattering to both of you.”

    Carrie looked at Helen silently for a moment, then reached out with
both hands and took Helen’s hands in hers. She said, “Helen, I asked for
you, because I think you’ll understand when I tell you what we need.
Tonight will be the first time Char and I have been out on the town with
William. We want anyone who sees us to know that we both belong to him,
body and soul. That’s why we need to be wearing the same dress, because
we’re both his property. We’ve given ourselves to him, he owns us, do you

    Helen was blushing. “Oh, my,” she said. Looking at William, she asked,
“Is she serious?”

    “She’s very serious,” he said. “But don’t talk to me, talk to Carrie
and Char. I get final approval of their selection, but this is their idea
and their decision.”

    We could see Helen pulling herself together. Finally she took another
deep breath. Looking at Carrie and I, she said, “I have a couple of ideas.
Let’s get started, shall we?”

    “I knew you’d help us,” Carrie said with a big smile.

    Helen gathered up several dresses for us to look at. She brought two
of each, one in Carrie’s size and one in mine. I didn’t like any of them,
and I could tell Carrie didn’t either, but she held up one of them, saying
we each wanted to try it on.

    Carrie and I crowded into one changing room, and as soon as I closed
the door Carrie grabbed me and gave me a long kiss. When she finally let
me go, I was panting. The changing room was so small that we rubbed
against each other while we stripped. I was trying hard not to get turned
on, I would have died of embarrassment if I’d made a wet spot on the

    We came out of the changing room, and Helen was standing right there.
She didn’t know we had crowded into one room to change, and she blushed
when she saw us come out. Carrie smiled when she saw that Helen was
uncomfortable. She twirled around in the dress, then asked Helen what she

    Helen was in her element now, fitting a client. She adjusted the dress
on Carrie until she was satisfied it was draped correctly. Carrie had a
gleam in her eye. I knew she wanted to play with Helen’s head, but she was
restraining herself. She put a hand over each of her breasts, saying, “It
feels a little tight up here, don’t you think?”

    “You’re very well endowed up there,” Helen said with a smile. “It’s
going to be hard to fit you off the rack, without alteration.” They had a
little discussion about alteration, Helen’s point being that the dress
could be altered, but not by tonight.

    Helen next turned her attention to me. After tugging and smoothing the
fabric, she stood back and looked at me while I looked at myself in the
mirror. My problem was the opposite of Carrie’s, the dress only fit well
across my boobs. Everywhere else it was too big for me. Helen said, “That
won’t do, but now I can tell what we need. Let me get some more dresses
for you.” As soon as Helen left the changing area, Carrie immediately took
me in her arms and kissed me again, then she said she wanted to eat my
pussy right there and then. I called her bluff, telling her to go ahead.
She laughed and asked me if I was daring her, but I was afraid to answer.

    Helen came back with two more dresses for us to consider. One was a
simple black dress with a scoop neck. I liked it, and so did Carrie, she
said we would try it on. Helen asked if it wasn’t too crowded for both of
us in one changing room. Carrie agreed, then looked around and saw that
there was nobody else near the changing area. She peeled her dress off in
front of Helen, then held it out. “Trade you,” she said with a smile. When
Helen saw that Carrie wasn’t wearing any underwear, she blushed a deeper
shade than ever.

    As Carrie was putting on the black dress, Helen said, “Do you normally
go without underclothing? I only ask because it will affect how the dress

    Carrie smiled and said, “We normally go naked, William prefers us to
be constantly on display and available. But of course, we wouldn’t get far
like that in the big city, would we?” Helen laughed nervously and agreed.

    Carrie looked wonderful in the dress. It was also a little too tight
for her large breasts. But the scoop neckline made it look like she was
wearing a push-up bra, she bulged a little bit above the top of the dress.
She looked very sexy, and I told her so. “That’s good enough for me,”
Carrie said, although she obviously liked it too. “Let’s see how it looks
on you,” she said to me.

    I knew Carrie wanted me to strip in front of Helen, like she had done.
I wasn’t afraid to do that, but I was worried about what Helen would think
if she saw my back. Sure enough, she saw the scars at the side of my ass
as soon as I began stripping. She walked behind me, and gasped when she
saw my back. “Did he do that to you?” she asked, anger in her voice.

    I wheeled around and looked in her eyes. I said, “William and Carrie
saved me from the man that did that to me.” I paused to let that sink in,
then I took her hand in mine. “Carrie and I serve William by choice,” I
said softly. “We could leave him any time we want to, but neither of us
ever will.” I held her hand until she nodded that she understood what I
had told her, then I released her and began putting on the dress.

    Helen occupied herself with adjusting my dress. It was obvious she was
curious about us, she kept glancing up at my face and over to Carrie. “You
can ask us anything,” Carrie said.

    Helen took a breath. “You said you were sisters?” she asked.

    “Half sisters,” I told her.

    “So … do you both … with William, I mean?” she asked hesitantly.

    Carrie laughed. “We’re both bisexual,” she said. “We all fuck one
other, in every possible combination.”

    “Oh, my,” Helen said. She was finished fitting me. Carrie and I stood
side by side and looked at ourselves in the mirrors. We both grinned, we
had found what we wanted. As we were admiring ourselves, Helen said
quietly, “I love that dress, I have it at home.”

    A gleam in her eye, Carrie asked, “You have this same dress?” Helen
nodded. Carrie glanced at me. I could see the gears turning, but I had no
idea what she was thinking. Then she went back to critically examining our
dresses. She looked at me, and I nodded. “Ok, this is what we want,” she
said. “Char’s hem needs to be raised half an inch, and her waist needs to
be taken in. How much will it cost to have the alterations done by three

    “Today?” Helen asked. Carrie nodded. Helen said, “As I told you, that
won’t be possible. We only have one seamstress here today, and she’s
swamped because of the holidays.” Carrie told her to name her price, and
after a moment’s thought Helen named a price that I thought was

    “I’ll pay you twice that,” Carrie said. “But the dress will be ready
at three, and it will be done right. No excuses, and no whining that you
didn’t have enough time to do a good job, do you understand?”

    Helen adopted a subtle submissive posture. “Yes, Carrie, it will be
ready on time, and it will be done right, I’ll see to it myself,” she

    “Excellent,” Carrie said, and kissed Helen on the lips. She blushed
deeply, then turned away from Carrie and began marking my dress for the
alterations. It only took her a few minutes, then she told me I could take
the dress off.

    “Not yet,” Carrie said. “William has to approve our choices, or no
deal.” We both walked out of the changing area, and modelled the dresses
for William. Helen explained the alterations that Carrie wanted, and
gathered the waist of my dress to show William and Carrie how it would

    We stood in front of William, waiting for his verdict. He gave us a
broad grin, and said, “It’s perfect. The dress is beautiful on both of
you, you’ve made an excellent choice.”

    Carrie and Helen and I all hugged. Carrie pointed to Helen and said,
“See? Can I pick ’em, or what? We couldn’t have asked for better service.”
William agreed, and thanked Helen for finding the perfect dress for us.

    Helen and I went back to the changing area, so she could get my dress
to the seamstress right away. Carrie lingered behind with William, and
began whispering to him as we walked away.

    I had taken off my dress and given it to Helen. I was putting on my
jeans and sweater, when Carrie and William walked into the changing area.
Carrie peeled off her dress and gave it to Helen, and she was turning to
leave us, when William took her by the arm. “Carrie said you might be
curious what would happen if I snapped my fingers,” he said.

    Helen was hesitant, but she finally said, “Yes, I was wondering about
that.” William snapped his fingers, and Carrie immediately dropped to her
knees in front of him, her wrists crossed behind her back. Helen gasped,
then sighed quietly as Carrie bent gracefully and kissed William’s feet.

    When Carrie had rested her forehead on the floor between William’s
feet, William squeezed Helen’s arm gently to get her attention. Helen
looked up, and William said, “We have two extra tickets to a play this
evening. We would be pleased if you came with us. You can bring anyone
you’d like.”

    Helen stood quietly, alternating her gaze between William’s face and
Carrie’s bowed, naked body. Then she smiled at William. “Thank you, I’d
love to go with you. But it will just be me, there’s no one I want to
bring along.” She looked down at Carrie again.

    William snapped his fingers, and Carrie quickly rose to her feet.
Looking at Helen, she gave her a beautiful smile and asked, “Will you wear
the dress?”

    Helen’s eyes flitted between Carrie’s eyes and her breasts. She
nodded. “Can I wear underwear?” she asked, then bit her lip. Her face
bright red.

    “We’d prefer you didn’t,” William said, “but it’s up to you. We’re
also having dinner before the play, and we’ll probably go dancing
afterwards. We want you with us the whole evening.”

    “I’d love to spend the evening with you,” Helen said, looking at all
three of us. She added, “I don’t know if I’ll have the courage to go
without panties, but I’ll try.”

    Carrie put her hands on Helen’s shoulders, leaned forward and gave her
a tender kiss on her lips, then said, “Go ahead and wear panties. Maybe
you’ll decide later tonight that you don’t need them any more.” Helen
nodded, I don’t think she could speak at that moment. She almost ran out
of the changing area. While Carrie was dressing, I told her she was evil,
and she thanked me.

    We met Helen again at the cash register. She seemed calmer. She told
Carrie that the standard alteration fee would apply, and she would
guarantee the dresses would be ready on time. But Carrie insisted that we
would pay the higher price that we had originally agreed upon, so Helen
finally wrote it up that way. When she gave us the final bill, she looked
at William and asked how he wished to pay. He pointed to Carrie, who was
smiling and holding out her credit card. This flustered Helen all over
again, she fumbled the card and dropped it on the floor.

    Once the finances were settled, we discussed where and when we would
meet that evening. We told Helen where we were staying, and she suggested
she meet us at our hotel at five. She would bring our dresses with her, so
we wouldn’t have to come back and pick them up. Having settled that,
Carrie and I gave Helen a quick kiss, William shook her hand, and we left
the store.

    William and I were ready for lunch, but Carrie insisted we had more
shopping to do. We went to a shoe store and bought identical black heels
for Carrie and I. Then we went to a jewellery store, where Carrie bought me
a simple gold choker, similar in appearance to her steel slave collar.
Only then would she allow us to grab some lunch. While we were eating,
Carrie couldn’t stop grinning, and once she laughed out loud for no
apparent reason. I looked at William, he smiled at me and said, “Helen.”

    When we returned to the hotel, we all fucked for an hour, then
showered together. We were relaxing in my suite, chatting and sipping
wine. Carrie and I were on our knees, naked except for our collars.
William sat on the couch in front of us, fully dressed. We talked at
length about Helen, and what we would do if she actually showed up. I
doubted she would, I thought she would chicken out and have someone else
deliver our dresses, but Carrie was certain she would come.

    When Carrie had urged William to invite Helen to join us, I think her
motives were less than honest. Sure, she wanted to fuck Helen, I did too.
But I think she also wanted to play with Helen’s head, and probably to
scare her just a little. But William said that we had asked Helen to be
our guest, and we would treat her properly. He said we would try to find
out what Helen needed, and give it to her if we could. But he agreed that
we would all fuck her, if she was willing, and that Carrie would have her
first. Grinning, he said that was Carrie’s finder’s fee.

    A little after four, there was a knock on the door. Carrie grabbed my
upper arm and squeezed it. Grinning at me, she said, “See, what did I tell
you? She’s an hour early, she’s so mine.” She handed me her glass, then
jumped to her feet and went to the door.

    Carrie opened the door wide. Helen froze, startled to see Carrie
answer the door totally naked. Carrie stepped out into the hall and gave
her a quick kiss, then pulled Helen into the suite and closed the door.
“Let me have your coat and the dresses,” Carrie said, then she whistled
when Helen stood before us in the same dress we would both be wearing
later. Of course, Helen blushed.

    Carrie hung up Helen’s coat and our dresses, then took her purse and
laid it on a table by the door. She took Helen by the hand and led her
over to us, saying, “I’ll be your date for tonight, is that Ok?”

    Helen blushed again. “I was hoping for that,” she said softly. Then
she added, looking at each of us, “I’ve never done anything like this
before, I have no idea what I’m doing here.” Carrie left Helen standing
beside me, then went and poured another glass of wine. Returning, she
handed the glass to Helen, kissed her on the cheek, then resumed her
kneeling position in front of William. I reached in front of Helen and
handed Carrie her wine glass.

    William smiled at her. “Relax,” he said. “Nothing will happen to you
that you don’t want. Come and sit down beside me, let’s all share some
wine and get to know one another.”

    Helen seemed frozen in her tracks, unable to move. She started
shaking. I was afraid she was going to spill her wine, so I reached up to
take her glass. She smiled down at me and handed me the glass. Finally,
she looked at William and said, “I’m scared to death … But, since I’m
going to be one of your girls tonight in public, I think I should learn
how to act.” She reached behind her back, unzipped her dress, and stepped
out of it. She wasn’t wearing anything under it. She kicked off her shoes,
then knelt on the floor between Carrie and me.

    Carrie and I were both looking at Helen, admiring her terrific body.
William looked at her silently for a minute, then he said, “I have to make
sure you understand, this is just for tonight.”

    “God, I’m counting on it,” Helen said. “As terrified as I am, I
couldn’t pass up this chance to experience an evening with the three of
you …” She glanced over at Carrie and continued, “especially with
Carrie. But I don’t want to give up my life, I’m trusting you to let me go
after tonight… even if I ask to stay.”

    “It’s a deal,” William said with a smile. “Have some wine, stop being
terrified, then tell us about yourself.”

    Helen smiled and seemed to relax a little. She reached over to me for
her wine glass, but Carrie stopped her. “If you want to learn how to act,”
Carrie said, “cross your wrists behind your back and straighten your
posture.” Helen immediately straightened up and put her arms behind her,
crossing her wrists. “Open your legs a little wider,” Carrie said, and
Helen obeyed. Carrie nodded at me, and I held Helen’s glass to her lips.
She took a big sip of wine, then she looked over at me and thanked me when
I took the glass away.

    We chatted for about thirty minutes, the time it took the four of us
to finish a bottle of wine. We learned all we could about Helen, trying to
reveal as little as possible about who we were or where we were from.
After a glass of wine, Helen was finding it easier to talk to us, but she
was still pretty tense. William said, “Helen, would you like some time
alone with Carrie, to get better acquainted before dinner?”

    Helen turned bright red, but she quickly answered, “Oh, my, yes I
would, William.” William said that Carrie was right next to her, and told
her to ask Carrie for what she wanted. Helen paused, then turned to Carrie
and looked her in the eyes. Taking a deep breath, she said, “Carrie, will
you please take me to bed?”

    “And do what, Helen?” Carrie asked, smiling.

    “And … make love to me,” Helen whispered.

    Carrie hopped to her feet, then held her hand out to Helen. Helen took
Carrie’s hand and stood up. Carrie pressed her body against Helen’s,
kissed her tenderly on the lips, then began leading her toward the door to
William and Carrie’s suite. Helen said, “I’ve never been with a woman

    “I’ve only been with one, but she taught me well,” Carrie said,
looking back at me and grinning. At the door, Carrie pulled Helen to a
stop and turned her around to face William and I. “Thank my Master for
letting you have me,” she told Helen.

    Helen swallowed hard, then looked at William. “William, thank you very
much for letting me have Carrie,” she said. William smiled and said that
it was only a loan. Laughing, Carrie pulled Helen through the door into
the other suite and softly closed the door.

    William looked at the clock. “We’ll give them an hour, then we need to
get ready for dinner.” He looked at me and smiled. “Wanna fuck?” he asked.


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  1. Oh good gravy! They haven't even got themselves sorted out and invite someone else into the relationship. For someone who had never been with a woman to hit on another one!

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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