You may have noticed I like my classics. Here is another classic I like very much.


10 thoughts on “I like classical music

  1. I am certain it's Bach's The Well-Tempered Clavier, Abby. By heart. With all of his heart.

    Stupid guy to look at the keyboard if he can play it by heart. I would lose my temper with such a beautiful girl, at my piano..



  2. I do not know the relation, Mona Lisa. I think it's odd he does not pay any attention to her. I think her facial expression is wonderful and is, like Minelle said “an overture to things to come”.

    But somehow I think she is stronger (in character I mean) than he is. I love the straps on the thighs against the white skin. I love the collar and the leash. I love her hands already behind her waiting to be bound.

    It is a picture that speaks to my imagination…



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