There once was a man from Bel Air,
Who was doing his girl on the stair.
When the banister broke,
He doubled his stroke,
And finished her off in mid-air.

Homeland, ring a bell?

10 thoughts on “Mile high club

  1. Well, he came home all hot and bothered from looking at that girl at the office all day, saw his wife standing there at the front door, pushed her against the wall and took possession of her mouth. He kissed her like he had not eaten all week. Panting she stood there, shaking from the intensity of his kiss. Strip, he said and when he had that look on his face, she did as he said and quick. He dropped his pants and boxer short and his big dripping precum cock, was just waiting to conquer her. He pushed her down on the stairs and with the sheer power of his strokes they climbed one step, up two steps. She just could hold on and enjoy the feeling of that mighty cock in her tender pussy.
    She had said so to him many times before: Fix the banister, and he would say yes and do no. And now, at the moment he was screaming his lust to the neighbours, and she had to hold something to steady herself the banister broke with the loud sound of wood breaking. As he realised what happened ( he had been selfish again, he had come and she had not come yet) he doubled his strokes to get her over the edge. And he did.

    Fully sated they ended up in hospital.

    You're welcome,


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