This picture is even more interesting than the picture earlier this week. The same pose, but stronger. Her face shows her emotions. She is feeling his hand on her head. Every finger, the pressure, the weight, she as aware of him. Her collar shows she is his. But without the collar we only have to look at her to know she is his.

In some books authors wonder if what is in it for the Dominant if he is doing all within the limits of the submissive. He is supposed to be an instrument performing all the submissive wants to feel or experience. If you look at this picture you understand what’s in it for the Dominant. If a woman put her head on your lap like that.


6 thoughts on “On his lap – love

  1. Yes, this is my favorite one so far….it is so hard for many to understand that both the D and the s are fulfilled in their relationship. It is not a one way street…
    hugs abby


  2. This is the strongest one, this week I think. And of course surrender like that it is hard to understand, unless you felt it once yourself. Either on the D side or s side, it's something that you will never forget.



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