We did hand signals for a while, but than it ended into nothing, like in life sometimes happens. Good plans, good start and than nothing. I did not have this very illustrative guide, so I will give it a new try. Training season is open!


7 thoughts on “Training

  1. Matthew did have a few 'signals' when we were in public…if he wanted me to stop a behavior, he would give me a look sometimes followed with touching his belt or he'd start rubbing his palm. But not sure about all these hand signs. 😉 Oh well…each couple should use whatever works for them.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. Hmm…I also am not sure about these'''could be because we have never tried it…I seem to always be a little uncertain about new things. I love hearing His voice, the tone tells me a lot.
    hugs abby


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