It really is one of my all time fantasies. My Wanita holding a tray without using her hands. There are many variations on this theme and I will show you a few of my favourites. The first one is so clever and sexy. The design is really made for the transport of a glass without spoiling all of it on the way. It requires small steps…

This is the next one, with the collar holding the weight. Two wine glasses maximum I would thing not to put too much strain on the neck. The ball gag makes the picture quite exotic.

Beneath the same construction as the first one, different girl, different angle. We never played the tray thing, but it makes my mouth water. Still, one can dream, and maybe one day?


6 thoughts on “Tray

  1. Ouch, ouch and more ouch! Have never been into nip clips and very happy that neither my ex nor Matthew were either! 😉 Hope your Wanita enjoys these as much as you do.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


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