Content looks like reading a book on vacation. (Reading a book period…) We have a small cottage that has no internet (wifi) and I’ve collected some books on my Ipad that are for a long time on my TBR list. My wife likes to read from paper, so we take a bag full of books with us for her.

And now we will wait for the rain to come…


10 thoughts on “How does content look like

  1. I do love reading and have a huge stack of TBR books as well as a lot of old favorites I would love to find time to revisit. Once my mom is fully recovered and able to drive, I think I will take a few days off…maybe stay home or maybe go stay somewhere.

    I'm sure you and Wanita will enjoy your time away. 😉

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  2. I really look forward to a time with no have to…
    Just my book and I.
    And in whatever world the book is bringing me.

    my wife often says that I don't need much to keep my satisfied. She is wrong you know. I need books.



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