Well I organized at work a small seminar about the ethics of work and that was quite well received. It took me quite some preparation time to organize it smoothly. People of all layers of our organization discuss a loaded subject. Well that was a small success.

At home making all the blog posts during my holiday in advance, I wasn’t sure I could do, time wise, was a small success.

I like to celebrate small successes. My wife works with mentally restricted people, some very restricted. And even a small smile on a clients face can make her day. I get inspired by her view of looking at things. Life is not about the grand. Life is about small things that work out. A “good morning” from a colleague that never says a thing.


8 thoughts on “This week successes

  1. So very true, if we could only remember…life is mostly made up of the small things….with an occasional grand one thrown in, if we are lucky. This post, for me, goes hand in hand with content…celebrating the small things..that is content.
    hugs abby


  2. Thank you for sharing one of my favorite quotes, Han! The best things in life are all the things we consider 'little' at the time. Congratulations on your successful presentation. Really wish I could have attended.

    Hugs and blessings…Cat


  3. It was not a Ted talk, but a memorable day to see workers from management until the people of the work floor discussing about ethic dilemma… So interesting to see they learn from each other.

    Thank you for lending me your quote. I took good care of it. You can have it back if whenever you need it.



  4. Yes, this Sunday I was doing grocery shopping and I looked at my shopping cart and realized again how lucky I was to live in a rich country and never be hungry if I want to.

    Small things, Mona Lisa. I think you see them as well.



  5. I do love your way of looking at the highs and the lows. The small things that create a straight line between wealth and poverty, happiness and misery.

    Walking the straight line between the hills and the valleys, I think you can do that without a pole.



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